Understanding UTMs, FBCLIDs, & TTCLIDs for Improved Campaign Targeting

You’re probably familiar with UTMS and how powerful they can be for creating targeted marketing campaigns. They are the variables added to a URL for better tracking which sources and campaigns drive clicks & traffic.

But across ad platforms, they can go by different names…and how to use them for the greatest return can quickly get confusing.

Justuno can help you improve your ROAS and general campaign ROI with straightforward targeting and segmentation. From acquisition to nurture campaigns and beyond—UTMs are the key to driving more return from your marketing efforts. They allow you to greet visitors with a customized experience based on the content of what drove them to your website in the first place.

Here’s how you would set up a UTM-based website experience using your Justuno account:

In the targeting section of your Justuno account, navigate to the URL-based section and pick the previous referring domain rule plus the ‘contains’ option. Take the UTM parameters specific to the marketing campaign you want to target & drop that into your ruleset. This also works as an exclusion rule if you want visitors coming from a certain campaign to NOT see a promotion. For example, excluding an SMS opt-in from those coming through an SMS campaign.

Next, take a look at the elements in the campaign you’re wanting to target. The visuals, copy, incentive, etc., should be reflected in the design on site since they drove a click-through from the ad, email, text, etc.

This mirroring helps reinforce the original motivation to visit your website and increases the likelihood of conversion (either purchase or other desired action). Do this for every offsite campaign to maximize personalization and effectiveness!

To summarize it all, here are three best practices when it comes to using UTMs effectively:

1. Maximize ROAS by having a corresponding onsite experience for every ad you run.

2. Always suppress email and SMS traffic from corresponding onsite lead capture—but feel free to target them with additional channel opt-ins for more robust customer profiles.

3. Build custom analytics dashboard in Justuno to find hidden areas of opportunity for every campaign and build a deeper understanding of your customers

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