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In-page displays are promotions that appear native to your website. No interruptions or takeovers-just dynamic content made simple.


For brands whose aesthetic doesn’t align with traditional pop-ups, in-page promotions are a powerful alternative to tailor onsite experiences. You can customize any page using the same targeting rules as you would a pop-up. Customize by traffic source, location, previous onsite behavior, and more.

One of the main ways Justuno users implement in-page promotions is as a product recommendation carousel or as a way to alter the home page experience. Let’s learn how a luxury bedding company used an animated in-page promotion to alter their home page content without having to involve their dev team. Let’s check it out:

Pro Tip: For in-page promotions, you need to remove the click to close options and make sure to create a center promotion.


Bedding company My Calm Blanket wanted to have an in-page promotion with a branded animation counting down their sale embedded on their home page. Here’s how they did it:


  1. My Calm Blanket started by creating their promotion based on the layout and design of their home page. They made sure to use colors, fonts, and imagery that would match seamlessly with the rest of the page.
    • Pro Tip: If you include a timer like My Calm Blanket, don’t forget to match its font with your brand fronts. This can be found in the font options section of the timer layer.
  2. Once their promotion was designed, My Calm Blanket created a new Trigger Ruleset in Basic Rules. In the top right-hand corner under the Action drop-down, they chose “Show In Page.”
    • Under the In-Page dropdown, they chose to “place inside above” as the placement for the promotion in relation to their chosen element. Depending on the element you choose, you may need a different option to show above or below; inside or outside; or to completely replace an element.
    • Next, My Calm Blanket entered the element into the element area. To help you find the element you would like to replace or reference for your promotion, see this support article.
  3. For the Choose When section, they chose “On a Specific Page.”
    • Under ‘Refine By’ options, they added the home page URL under ‘Show on Specific Page(s).’
    • Under ‘Show’, they chose “On Every Page.” This is important as it will ensure the promotion will show regardless of the visitor’s session.
  4. After setting these rules, My Calm Blanket could use our power trigger ruleset to target their audience further but chose to stop here. Once live, the in-page promotion showed their countdown promotion seamlessly on their homepage to alert their visitors when their sale would end.

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