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Justuno Academy

Find information and instructions for setting up advanced marketing strategies for onsite conversion optimization and lead captures.

Get more out of your marketing and give your customers what they want with personalized experiences and intelligent messaging.






Learn how to create onsite quizzes within pop-ups to collect customer data and create relevant onsite messaging.


Featured Product Reviews

Learn how to create tab and in-page promotions to display reviews in different and dynamic ways to augment shopper experiences.

In-page Promotions

In-Page Promotions

In-page promotions are a powerful way to transform your website, creating custom experiences for segments without needing development work using pop-ups that appear native to your site.

Landing pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a quick way to alter your website and create new experiences without the need to call your dev team.


Intelligent Upsells

Upselling with Justuno is easier and more powerful than ever using our AI-powered engines for efficient recommendations that boost your conversion rate and AOV.

Loyalty Program Referrals

Loyalty Program Referrals

Loyalty program referrals are one of the best ways to grow membership by rewarding engaged users for referring similar consumers.

Mobile Phone User Experience

Mobile Exit Offer Pop-Ups

Mobile pop-ups are a critical touchpoint in the customer journey, learn how to create mobile exit offers to reduce abandoned carts and overall bounce rate.


SMS Marketing Opt-Ins

SMS marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels for retailers to connect with consumers even faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Cross-Device Tracking

Cross-Device Tracking

Cross-device tracking is the best way to give your customers a seamless brand experience so you can unite touchpoints throughout their journey.

Product Recommendation

Commerce AI

Learn how Commerce AI can help you create intelligent product recommendations to lower cart abandonment and personalize shoppers’ onsite experience.

Screen reader

ADA/WCAG Compliance

Make sure your website is compliant with accessibility protocols so all website visitors can navigate your site.

Positive/Negative Rule Sets

Positive/Negative Rule Sets

Advanced targeting rules are the secret to success with onsite promotions and serving visitors relevant site experiences.

Geo-Targeting Store Front to Online


Learn how to use geo-targeting rules to use location data for defining your audience and increasing immediate relevancy for your marketing messages.

Age Verification

Age Verification

Use our age verification plug-in to gate your site or specific content from underage visitors while maintaining a cohesive site aesthetic.

Hidden Fields

Hidden Fields

Hidden fields are a great way to segment subscribers and pass more data onto your ESP without asking more of your visitors.

Version testing

A/B Testing (CTA Buttons)

A/B testing on your site can reveal interesting behavioral patterns and boost conversion rates with changes as simple as colorful CTAs.


Turnkey Animation

Justuno’s design canvas has built in animation effects that can be quickly applied to your promotions so you can take your onsite campaigns to the next level.

Improve Google Ad ROI

Improve Google Ad ROI

Improve the ROI of your Google ads by uniting off site efforts with onsite campaigns using Justuno’s advanced targeting rules.

Facebook ROI

Improve Facebook Ads ROI

Learn how to use Justuno’s onsite visitor conversion platform to improve the ROI of paid Facebook ads and optimize the site experience of these visitors.

Auto Apply Coupons

Auto-Apply Coupons

Use automatically applied coupons to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and reduce barriers to purchase.

Shipping boxes

Dynamic Shipping Banners

Encourage higher average order values and let shoppers know exactly how much more they need to spend to earn free shipping using dynamic shipping banners.

Justuno Professional Services Initial Setup

Getting Started with Justuno

The comprehensive guide to everything Justuno. Review rules, promotion set up, how to understand your analytics dashboard, and more so you can get the most out of your account.

Justuno Mobile Feature

Push Notifications

Reach your customers even when they’re not on your site instantly with push notification subscriptions by sending ultra-targeted messages that cut through the clutter.

Justuno Agency Partner Portal Feature Icon

Coupon Continuity

Reflect coupon codes across channels to unite the customer journey and bring uniformity to your brand’s online presence.

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2021 Ecommerce Benchmarks Webinar

2021 eCommerce Marketing Benchmarks Webinar Join us for our 2021 Marketing Benchmarks Webinar with Gatsby, Omnisend, Skubana, and Wpromote, moderated by Steve Hutt, host of

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Valentine’s A/B Testing Guide

A/B test your email subject lines and pop-up copy to craft a Valentine’s Day message your visitors will love with this guide by Omnisend and Justuno.

2021 Website Preparation Guide

2021 Website Preparation Guide

Optimize your website for more conversions this year using the strategies in this guide for everything from security, personalization, omnichannel marketing, and more.

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Case Studies

Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp

Learn how Cornbread Hemp used traffic segmentation and optimized lead captures to increase AOV 14% and double their revenue on Justuno Plus.



Learn how DripDrop increased their conversion rate by 70% with onsite optimization for high-powered brand growth.

ZALA Case Study


Learn how ZALA and Growth Guru’s high-growth strategy using Justuno helps grow their database for highly effective email and SMS campaigns.

Regina Romero

Regina Romero

Learn how Regina Romero was able to use Justuno to elevate the look of their pop-ups while improving the targeting capabilities of their onsite promotions.



Learn how HYLETE uses omnichannel marketing and in-depth personalization to boost AOV by 8% and improve site-wide conversion rates.

Bryan Anthonys Case Study

Bryan Anthonys

Learn how Bryan Anthonys used Justuno to grow their email list 3,788% and intelligent product recommendations for increased conversions and AOV.

Atlanta Light Bulbs - Case Study

Atlanta Light Bulbs

Learn how Atlanta Light Bulbs successfully implemented a B2B strategy that drives over 30% of their online sales.

ella+mila Case Study


Learn how ella+mila made the switch to Justuno and earned nearly $750K from their on-site promotions since late 2018.

Redline Steel Case Study

Redline Steel

Learn how Redline Steel, a home decor company, collected over 79,000 emails and reduced their abandoned cart rate by 15% in one month using intelligent on-site messaging and an organic social media presence.

Snow Monkey Case Study

Snow Monkey

Learn how Snow Monkey, a vegan ice cream retailer, used a geo-targeted email campaign to maximize revenue from paid ads with UTM parameters.

Justuno MuteSix Case Study


By deploying Justuno to quickly grow targeted lists and also retargeting those leads with a strong nurture strategy, MuteSix has been able to squeeze even more value out of their clients’ budgets.

CocoFloss Justuno Case Study screenshots


Learn how Cocofloss, a luxury dental floss company, executed a full-funnel marketing campaign utilizing paid social and strategic on-site messaging to achieve some astounding numbers in a short time.