The Beginners Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization 101

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Understand what conversion rate optimization (CRO) is and four areas to focus on when creating and executing a CRO strategy.
is spent on optimizing website experience for every $92 spent driving traffic.

Inside you'll find...

Our Ultimate Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) covers everything from the basics of why CRO is important to a framework for creating a strategy that works.

Inside you’ll learn how to…

  • Form a systematic approach to driving your website visitors to take a desired action.
  • Define key website objectives, collect relevant data to your objectives, and gather feedback.
  • Make decisions based on your objectives, data analysis, and feedback that lead to better conversion results.

About The Ultimate Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Using visitor intelligence data will help your business to fully optimize your website’s experience in order to uncover more leads and drive new customers. This approach also sets your business up for long-term success as your marketing and lead funnel continue to expand.

Businesses spend so much money driving traffic to their websites, yet very little is spent on converting that traffic. In fact, for every $92 spent on driving traffic, only $1 is spent on optimizing the shopping experience for conversions. By optimizing your site, you can convert a higher percentage of your traffic, resulting in a higher ROI.

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