From mobile to tablet and back again

Consumers are more connected than ever, which means their shopping journey is spread out across more devices than ever before. Phones, tablets, laptops and the work version of all three can play a role in multiple stages of the customer journey.


Let’s say a shopper sees something on a fashion blogger’s Instagram, browses the brand’s site during lunch on her work laptop, adds the item to their cart on their phone on the way home, and, ultimately, purchases using her personal tablet.

That’s three devices used for different actions, and if you’re not using cross-device tracking, you risk serving a disjointed user experience and losing the sale. Every time shoppers switch devices, the conversation shouldn’t have to start over again. Rather each interaction should be designed to move them further in their journey and towards purchasing. A seamless experience positively reinforces how a shopper feels about a brand, boosting the likelihood of conversion and the relevancy of what they see.

Cross-device tracking doesn’t just improve the performance of your onsite marketing campaigns but rather reduces wasted ad spend, improves retargeting accuracy, and shows more accurate messaging to drive conversions. Fashion retailers have to be even more aware of this due to the highly visual nature of their industry and the importance of influencer and affiliate marketing for customer acquisition.


Online boutique, Cobalt, knew their customer experience was disjointed and in need of an overhaul. By connecting the dots across touchpoints (and devices), Cobalt was able to create a united picture of their shoppers that boosted the effectiveness of their marketing.

Let’s check out how Cobalt was able to improve their onsite experience with Justuno by using our cross-device tracking capabilities to serve more personalized promotions and optimize the user experience across visits.


  1. To start, Cobalt implemented a welcome offer to set this up they designed their promotion to show when a visitor first comes to the brand website from whatever traffic source they viewed. During this visit, their first experience with your website will set the tone for the entire purchase journey. Make sure that your onsite experience makes a good first impression, a solid welcome offer with an on-brand design, never goes wrong.
  2. Next, when this visitor returns to your site again to contemplate their purchase, going as far as adding an item to the cart. Show them an abandoned cart offer, this attempts to incentivize a same-session purchase since the visitor has demonstrated clear motivations to buy.
  3. If they don’t convert on that visit and return for the third time to purchase, show them another offer with the same discount as the abandoned cart offer plus free shipping to seal the deal. Now you’ve successfully converted the customer, shown coordinated pop-ups designed to move a shopper further down the funnel to ultimately purchase.
  4. To take this strategy beyond the first purchase to focus on customer retention, when customers return to browse again, use intelligent product recommendations that personalize their experience based on purchase history. Commerce AI makes this easy by combining your website’s inventory with visitor behavior for the ultimate addition to cross-device tracking to take your site experience to the next level.

Note: Cross-device tracking is automatically enabled in Justuno. Commerce AI is only available to Plus & Professional Services clients.

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