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Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform with a large marketplace of extensions. I’ve created a short list of Magento extensions that will positively impact your e-commerce business in a variety of ways. From conversion rate optimization to order fulfillment and management, we’ve got you covered!

1. Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programs

Sweet Tooth allows you to build your loyalty program just the way you want. With Sweet Tooth, you can quickly put together a basic program that delivers results or make a customized masterpiece that is unique to your business. This helps you gain new customers, retain current customers, and encourage higher spending. This intuitive platform is the perfect way to drive loyalty for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

Perhaps the best part about Sweet Tooth is the team behind the product. They are loyalty experts! The Sweet Tooth blog is a must for any e-commerce retailer and provides a ton of insight on loyalty and other key topics.

Sweet Tooth Magento Extension

2. WordPress Integration by FishPig

This free extension allows you to integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento store and compatible with all Magento versions. The integration requires no core Magento or WordPress file modification and even allows you to use your Magento theme for the WordPress blog. Another key benefit is no change to URL’s so SEO will not be affected. This is by far the easiest way to connect WordPress with Magento. And it’s free!

WordPress Magento Extension

3. Yotpo

Encourage your shoppers to leave more product reviews with Yotpo. This extension will increase the number of product reviews that you receive and will let you present your reviews in a visually pleasing manner onsite and on social media platforms. Customer testimonials are extremely valuable pieces of user-generated content. By increasing your customer reviews, you can increase the legitimacy of your products and site while also getting valuable feedback to use to improve your site’s user experience.

Yotpo Magento Extension

4. One page checkout

This extension converts your multi-step checkout process into a one-page making checkout simple and easy for customers. By simplifying the checkout process, you can increase the number of completed orders! The extension is fully responsive and is easy to install on your Magento site. One Page Checkout also boasts integrations with PayPal, Sage Pay, and Brain Tree.

One Page Checkout Magento Extension

5. dotmailer

For an incredibly user-friendly email and multi-channel marketing platform, you have to check out dotmailer. The extension syncs all visitor and customer data including order data, wish lists, cart contents, browsing behavior and much more. Run welcome, post-purchase, loyalty, and key sales campaigns with email, SMS, and push notification campaigns.

Dotmailer also features dynamic personalized email content which enables you to present shoppers and customers with incredibly relevant products and information. All of this comes with technical onboarding for knowledgeable experts. You do need a dotmailer account and license to use the extension.

dotmailer Magento Extension

6. Zopim live chat

Businesses that interact with potential customers online are better placed to build a connection and increase their revenue. The Zopim live chat extension allows you answer your customer’s questions in real time and ease them into a purchase. Zopim offers a responsive chat widget, behavioral triggers to engage shoppers at key times, and advanced analytics to track visitor flow and usage patterns.

Zopim Magento Extension

7. Pixlee

Pixlee lets you showcase visual reviews and create shoppable galleries, all while tracking campaign performance to discover key insights about customers. Check out their app listing for a whole break down of the platform.

Pixlee Magento Extension

8. Brightpearl

Brightpearl’s biggest benefit: eliminating complications that come with inventory management over multiple channels and saving time that can now be spent on revenue generated activities. Brightpearl offers a free trial with paid plans starting at $199/month.

Brightpearl Magento Extension

9. Bronto

Email is still the highest converting sales channel for e-commerce. But to get the most out of your email campaigns, you need to be strategic. Bronto helps Magento customers drive more sales by creating targeted life cycle marketing campaigns. These campaigns aim at converting one time buyers into repeat customers and increase customer’s order sizes.

The Bronto extension imports all customer order history and product details to help create highly targeted shopper and customer segments. This also enables businesses to send out product recommendations, cart abandonment emails, re-order reminders, and transactional emails.

Bronto Magento Extension

10. Justuno

While driving traffic is a key aspect of e-commerce, marketers need to focus on how to convert this traffic once it arrives on their website. The reality is that 98% of traffic driven to your site does not convert into a lead or sale. There’s a need to drive visitor engagement and website conversions. This is where Justuno comes in and saves the day!

Justuno is a suite of website conversion tools designed to grow your e-commerce business by better-converting traffic into email leads, social fans, and most importantly sales.

The Justuno suite includes e-commerce promotions, abandoned cart recovery, exit offers, email pop-ups, and effective on-site messaging + navigation. The Justuno platform focuses on three key areas for CRO: Design, targeting and segmentation, and integration with your marketing stack for automation.

Conversion rate optimization for e-commerce is no easy task but with Justuno, it can be!

This free and instant analysis of your website performance will show you what Justuno can do for your business.

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