How to Add an Age Verification Pop-Up to Any Website

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Age Verification Pop-Up

Great news, if you sell products such as vaporizers, wine, cigarettes, or other next-generation fun goods and you need a tool to verify the age of visitors or marketing leads. You can do this easily by adding an age verification pop-up form to your website with Justuno.

Here’s a video showing the quick process of launching an age verification pop-up!

Age Verification 101

Here’s an example of a pop-up you could launch on your site in just a few minutes.

Age Verification Template

In addition to age verification pop-ups, you will be able to implement high converting conversion marketing tactics to drive engagement increase conversions on the same platform.

To activate, simply add the age verification theme (Under Unlocked Promotions) and easily tweak the design in our design canvas to match your brand.

Add an age verification pop-up to your site in no time with Justuno. Get started today with a free trial!

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