Are you a retailer who sells age-restricted products like vapes, wine, CBD, cigars, or other adult goods?

You need an age verification pop-up to remain compliant with regulations and governmental policies to ensure your website traffic is of age to enter. 

The great news is you can do this easily by adding an age verification pop-up form to your website with Justuno.

Here’s a video showing the quick process of launching an age verification pop-up with Justuno!

Age Verification 101

These types of pop-ups are expected by visitors since they know they’re visiting a website where access is restricted. So rather than being a nuisance think of them as an opportunity to make a lasting impression/delight visitors. Below are some great examples:

CBD Age Verification pop-up
Age Verification Template

Age verification pop-ups are more than just a must-have regulation-wise. They can help you create more personalized messaging for visitors to engage and delight them.

Connect age information with a visitor profile to build a more holistic view of your customers. Grow your email and SMS lists like never before by combining lead captures with your age verification.

Optimize the on-site messaging they interact with later and even send this info to your ESP for specialized emails around their birthday. 

With so many rules governing e-commerce and regulations to keep up with, age verification is just a drop in the bucket. 

Add an age verification pop-up to your site in no time with Justuno. Get started today with a free trial!