For those of you that have attended an Agency Training with me, you know I tend to harp on “mirroring your messaging” to help increase the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

We’ve written about this before, but today’s post is going to show you how to display a specific message after a person has engaged with your offer on-site.

You can set up a message to show to that visitor while they continue to browse or shop your site!

I like to think of this as a subtle “nudge” to get that person to eventually convert.

Brooks Running Coupon Continuity

Improve your current conversion funnel

What does your current buyer journey look like?

Visitor > Offer > Follow-up Email > Conversion (maybe)?

That’s pretty standard and works fairly well.

However, our goal is to eliminate certain steps in the buyer journey that either frustrate shoppers or steps force them to leave the website.

A frustrated shopper will not purchase from you and a shopper who isn’t on your site can’t purchase from you.

The solution?

Use consistent messaging and offers throughout the buyer journey. This simple tweak to your current conversion funnel can increase sales conversions and spur buyers to purchase in that same visit.

While there are many directions you can go with this, we’ll stick to the use case that’s going to make the biggest impact on sales: Present a banner to hold the same messaging of your offer (and/or follow-up email text) while the visitor is still on your site!

Visitor > Offer > Banner (reflecting offer after engagement) > Conversion

This essentially eliminates one step in your conversion funnel (visitor going back to their email to be reminded of code) and allows a reduced-barrier buyer journey.

It’s always a good idea to try and reduce your steps to purchase as much as possible.

Adding a simple reflection of the offer your visitor just engaged with is a proactive step in reducing those hoops they have to jump through!

Purchasing instantly becomes easier and more attractive.

Check out this quick video to see how you can set this up for yourself!

This coupon continuity throughout their time on your site will not only improve your conversion rate but also elevate your site’s appearance your brand’s reputation.

Learn more about advanced use cases for how to use Justuno’s premiere conversion platform to drive results for your site in our Justuno Academy. Happy converting!