In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching an update to our pricing structure to reflect upgrades we’ve made to the Justuno conversion suite. Since it’s our customers who make what we do possible, we’ve decided to recognize the continued loyalty of our customers and grandfather in all existing customers to current pricing.

If you have a paid plan already or want to sign-up before the prices go live — the lower rate will be honored until your site is ready to move up to the next pricing tier.

Why the change?

During 2018, we announced quite a few new features for Justuno users, including new and updated integrations, upgrades to analytics and testing, auto-fetch coupons, cross-device tracking, Facebook Messenger plugins, and more. We strive every day to build more functionality and develop new ways for brands to reach their customers.

Two of our most popular updates are below.

Cross-Device Tracking

Every feature we build is further enhanced by our core cross-device tracking technology; it is the critical step in uniting disjointed customer journeys so you can provide a single, cohesive brand experience.

In today’s mobile world, single touchpoints only tell a fraction of the customer conversion journey. Many shoppers start with a quick search on their phone or research on a work computer, then move to purchase later at home on a desktop or tablet.

With Justuno’s cross-device tracking technology based on email logins, marketers are now able to unite this multi-device shopping experience and deliver an omnichannel marketing experience to every customer.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is taking the e-commerce world by storm as the next Promotions will channel. With its promise of immediate engagement, automated conversation capabilities, and sky-high open/click-through rates, Facebook Messenger is quickly becoming a must-have for brands.

In 2018, we built integrations with three premiere Facebook Messenger chatbot platforms so that marketers can add these opt-ins to their promotions and build out this channel’s subscription base.

Justuno Facebook Messenger Product

More to come…

However, we’re not stopping there, in 2019 we will be unveiling even more enterprise-level marketing technologies designed to take your site experience a step further into advanced personalization and conversion optimization.

Our machine learning and AI targeting functions will launch later this year, allowing marketers to create promotions that continually test and optimize themselves. Think of these as a sort of constantly running A/B test that you don’t have to check on.

Promotions will continue to run, learn, and improve over time so that the targeting rules are refined to your websites visitor data. As visitors interact with your site’s pop-ups, the promotions will recommend different targeting rules daily in search of the ideal audience segment to target.

In addition to these AI predictive targeting rules, our machine learning driven product recommendations will be launching even sooner. These will use previous order history, site behavior, and more to create predictions about the products most likely to be bought together to craft suggestions. This predictive cross-selling will trigger automatically based on visitor search behavior and cart additions, showing products personalized to each shoppers journey on your site.

Finally, in 2019 our advanced customer profile tracking and analytics are getting a facelift. This core technology will allow you to create even more in-depth customer profiles so that you can provide the most customized and relevant experience possible. These profiles are an amalgamation of purchase history, click behavior, messaging engagement, and more all rolled together for a 360-degree view of a shopper’s behavior. Using this information, marketers can serve personalized promotions or recommendations at the ideal time, with an offer designed to convert.

In order to support the creation and further evolution of these enhanced functionalities, the Justuno team needs to raise the price of our plans.

If you want to lock in a lower rate today, you can do so and keep that price until your business is ready to move up our traffic-based tiers.

We’ll be sending out more details soon, so stay tuned for the full pricing breakdown and a roll-out timeline for our new functionalities. Please contact your account manager or our sales team regarding questions or to sign up for a plan today.

Thank you for using Justuno to build your business. We can’t wait to see the new and inventive ways your team will use these features in 2019.