Austin’s latest employees include snails, catfish, cichlids, sharks, and barbs.

At 35 years old, I’ve always wanted a big fish tank. Outside of a small goldfish tank I had when I lived in San Francisco, I’ve never had the luxury of having to change 20 gallons of water once a week. But now I do and I’m super excited about it!

We have the following fish:

  • variety of African and South American Cichlids
  • one Rainbow Shark
  • one Catfish
  • one Rainbow Fish
  • one Barb (the rest didn’t make it)
  • two Snails.

We went through some up and down and some fish were lost on the way, but we now have a happy 60-gallon fish tank up and running.  Watching these guys grow quickly has been fun and they come to you when you walk by the tank.  I also got lucky in that there are drain and faucet hookups right behind the tank which makes the only annoying part of maintaining a tank much much easier.

Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.

 – “W. C. Fields”

Update 5/17/2016

Our friends over at Petco sent me this amazingly helpful infographic on how to choose your freshwater fish for compatibility.  I think all Fish stores should have one of these laminated and hung up in the fish department.  This would have saved my tank some serious carnage.  Thanks, Petco!

Petco Fish Infographic