Unboxing to Onsite: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience 2023

Over the past several years, the unboxing of products has gone from being a seasonal (i.e. Christmas or birthday) pleasure to a powerful, year-round marketing tool used by ecommerce brands as a way to stand out. Consumers are naturally drawn to products and packaging that looks good and feels better to unwrap.

However, the excitement of unboxing products can begin before a customer even checks out. By creating a clean, comprehensive, and exciting experience throughout every stage of the customer journey – seeing a social post, visiting the website, viewing products, to finally receiving the product – brands can increase conversion rates, revenue, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and more.

This webinar covers every stage of the customer journey and how to re-create that same excitement of opening a box before they even purchase and after they do to bring them back again and again.

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