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SMS marketing is one of the hottest new marketing channels helping retailers reach consumers with personalized content even faster. Did you know that most retailers see an average $500-$1,000 boost in daily revenue from SMS according to Retention Rocket?


Mobile phones play a huge role in the consumer journey (and life in general.) Whether it’s browsing social media, shopping online, checking their email, texting, and more—consumers are on their phones all day long.

SMS marketing can cut through the clutter of a crowded consumer landscape to reach subscribers faster on a device they’re constantly checking and in a highly visible format.

As mobile traffic continues to grow, it’s critical that e-commerce retailers add SMS marketing to their tech stack. Text messages can be a great way to generate 1:1 engagement with consumers and drive traffic back to your store.


Sandy’s is a swimwear retailer that wanted to add SMS marketing to their marketing strategy. They knew this channel would appeal to their younger target audience and provide an opportunity for them to connect even further with shoppers.

Sandy’s had two goals for their SMS marketing messages: to rescue abandoned carts and let subscribers know about exclusive offers and sales. Both of these are great ways to drive sales and traffic back to their retail site.


Let’s check out how Sandy’s set up an SMS pop-up with Justuno:

  1. First, they created a lead capture promotion as a Welcome Offer. The welcome offer had a form that asked for subscriber information, including the user’s phone number.
  2. While creating the form they were sure to select their SMS integration. Justuno currently integrates with AttentivePostscript.ioRetention Rocket, and SMSBump.
  3. Once phone numbers were collected in the promotion, they were sent to their SMS provider integration. Now Sandy’s could send targeting marketing texts throughout various stages of the customer’s purchase journey to drive conversions.

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