When we first started Justuno back in 2011, the world looked a little different than it does today. As we reflected on 11 years in business, we asked ourselves, “how can we make people happier?” Now, that’s not some existential question about making the world a better place. We are a software company and while we help businesses grow, we’re not kidding ourselves by thinking pop-ups will change the world. But, how can we improve the lives of those closest to us, who have committed to making our dream a reality? That’s why we decided to move Justuno to a four-day workweek. Giving our team Fridays off to recharge, reset, and do the things that bring them joy. 

Work shouldn’t suck. Sunday scaries shouldn’t define your weekend. And the burnout everyone is feeling from the continued impact of COVID-19 isn’t something we want to contribute to. Rather, we want to encourage our team to take care of themselves, decompress, and focus on the life side of work-life balance.

The past two years have been filled with countless changes to almost every aspect of our lives. Adding an extra day to the weekend is simply a small step towards regaining balance, giving our team an opportunity to spend more time doing the things that bring them joy.

Parkinson’s Law says that work will fill the space you give it. One less day means we’ll be more efficient during the week, getting things done without the distractions that always seem to creep into the day-to-day. With more rest comes more creativity to solve problems for our clients, more energy to dedicate to optimizing our platform, and the enthusiasm that we had when we first started Justuno.

And don’t worry – this four-day workweek doesn’t mean any less support for our customers. Our stellar support team will be on a split schedule to ensure Monday through Friday coverage. Our commitment to our customers remains as strong as our commitment to our team. 

As a SaaS company in a booming industry with big goals and a growing team, this isn’t something we took on lightly. The beauty of working in a tech start-up is that our entire business idea came out of challenging the way things have always been done. Working smarter, not harder, and with compassion can be just as (if not more) effective for both us as a company and our customers. 

And if the excited gasps we heard when we made this announcement internally were any indication, we think we’ve made the right choice. 

—Erik & Travis, Co-Founders of Justuno