Klaviyo is a great email marketing platform with other added functionality for marketing automation and cart abandonment recovery.  For most pop-up software, integrating into Klaviyo’s list API satisfies their integration quota with Klaviyo. Not at Justuno.

Capture Emails & Combat Cart Abandonment

We’re continuing to improve your Klaviyo/Justuno experience by adding new functionality to better help your business grow. Justuno allows users to connect their pop-up form to a Klaviyo list for a simple import of newly captured leads into the Klaviyo database but things don’t stop there. 

Justuno also automatically identifies newly captured emails with your current Klaviyo tracked/visitor/cart session giving users the shopping cart information which can be used in cart and browse abandonment campaigns. 

Now, you can capture a new lead via email pop-up, allow them to shop around your site, and use that information in triggered abandonment flows. This functionality will allow you to streamline and automate your lead capture and cart abandonment campaigns with ease! 

This feature dramatically increases the amount of abandoned cart recovery emails that Klaviyo can automatically trigger to your visitors helping further boost the effectiveness of your cart abandonment campaigns that you are running.  

How To Trigger Klaviyo Abandonment Campaigns with Justuno

There is absolutely nothing you need to do in Justuno for the auto Klaviyo/Justuno Identity scripts to work. Justuno will detect the presence of Klaviyo on your website and go from there.

Connect Additional List & Automation

Send newly acquired leads into specific lists and automation at the moment of lead capture. Connect your form to the preferred Klaviyo list for easy segmentation and organization of contacts!

Consistent Coupon Codes

Justuno will even automatically submit the coupon code it gave to the visitor along with the identity so that your abandoned cart campaign knows who to send to, what they left in their cart and what coupon code you already gave to them that they didn’t use yet. This feature can be activated when integrating your lead capture form within Justuno.

Are you a Klaviyo User? Start Today!

Currently using Klaviyo without Justuno? Start capturing more leads today so you can convert more abandoned carts in the future! Create a free Justuno account below and integrate Klaviyo campaigns with Justuno automatically!