Over the past few months, we’ve ramped up our agency partner program and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very talented people. We’ve been working with agencies who focus on design, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, PPC, and sometimes all of the above.

What I enjoy about working with agencies is that they are actively looking for ways to help their clients and they can immediately see the value in the solutions that we provide. Below are a few types of agencies and why they benefit from using our platform.

Design agencies


A recent partner, Abby Rose Design, specifically works with Shopify and Shopify Plus clients. A few of her clients were already utilizing plug-ins with little capabilities. What Abby hated most was her hard work and design efforts were sometimes overlooked because of a generic looking pop-up solution.

She also had clients looking for solutions with more sophistication. So a client of hers, Frankie’s Bikinis, installed and customized our solution. The brand has seen an increase in email list growth and sales conversion since the implementation.

The biggest take away from this use case: Frankie’s Bikini’s website, marketing emails and pop up designs now uniformly match their brand!

Email marketing

Mobile Pop-ups

Email marketing agencies have also recently joined forces with Justuno. A recent partner, Email Aptitude, was looking for ways to help their clients increase email sign ups on site. More emails in the list = bigger returns from their email marketing efforts.

They implemented an email pop-up on their client, SeaVees, website. Email capture rapidly increased. This allowed them to market to more interested leads and ultimately drive more qualified traffic back to the site.

What really makes working with email agencies special is that they are highly knowledgeable on segmentation, optimizing the return of those emails and getting results.

Conversion rate optimization

These agencies are data gurus! CRO companies spend every day figuring out better design layout, colors, content, and schemes to help with the conversion process. CRO agencies understand the sales funnel and see where website promotions can drive action to convert visitors.

What was really exciting about CRO companies are how they utilize our rule library. With over 40+ conditions and segmentation options. They optimize when, where and who sees a presented offer. Many CRO agencies use A/B testing to determine what design and incentive resonate with a brand’s visitors.

CRO Use case: Using call-to-action links or site messaging pop-ups to direct visitors to higher converting pages. Here’s an excellent example of a CTA pop-up to drive traffic to product collections.

Gift Guide Pop-Up


There are so many options when it comes to driving visitors to a clients website. Companies that work in this space know the importance of getting eyeballs on the client’s product or services.

But what I commonly hear from these agencies is proving the ROI value to their clients or helping with conversions upon arrival is difficult to achieve. It’s incredibly important to show clients that the money spent on these ads is well worth it!

Our favorite PPC use case: Using targeting capabilities to engage PPC traffic with enticing promotions in order to drive conversions.

98% of visitors, especially paid, never convert to a lead or a sale. By adding an email pop-up or an e-commerce promotion, our partner agencies are able to increase ROI from these paid traffic campaigns.

Full service

Email Capture Banner

One of our biggest partners is HawkeMedia out of Santa Monica. Hawke handles everything from PPC, website design, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and social media.

One of the biggest initial needs for their clients is capturing more emails and sales on site. They ran through A/B tests of design and creating a smooth customer flow. They were running ads, sending out marketing emails and increasing social demand to drive traffic to sites. However, they needed a platform that helped with on-site engagement.

Hawke Media specializes in end to end funnel optimization. Their knowledgeable team focuses on driving traffic, converting that traffic, and then re-engaging these contacts for more sales opportunities in the future. A never ending funnel!

One key element that separates Hawke Media is its ability to implement a customized marketing strategy for their clients. Our platform allows Hawke to add custom conversion optimization solutions that are unique to each one of their clients.

Before you go…

While every website/agency has different wants and needs, the value of engaging visitors on site cannot be overlooked. Our platform, Justuno, provides agencies with a flexible and scalable framework that enables their clients to market to their visitors in effective and unique ways.

Whether the goal is to convert traffic, build email lists, increase sales conversion, or all of the above, we’ve got the tools to get the job done.