People are busy these days. With so many apps, ads, and notifications clamoring for our attention, it’s getting tougher for e-commerce sites to attract and retain a customer’s attention. While scrolling through Facebook, a customer might see your product and have an interest in it, but unless you figure out a way to nurture that interest, they will forget your product existed five minutes later.

There’s a well-known marketing philosophy called the Rule of Seven that claims potential customers need to be presented with a brand’s marketing message seven times before they will take any action towards making a purchase. These seven points of contact can take place across several different platforms though, including Facebook Messenger. Nurturing these new and potential customers through Facebook Messenger provides a low pressure, personalized interaction that has been proven to drive more sales than other forms of customer communication like email.

Driving traffic to your site

Most customers who are still becoming familiar with your brand will want to visit your site to learn more and do some product research. Inspiring those customers to click through to the site though, is a completely different ballgame. Driving traffic to your site gives potential customers the total brand experience to help them develop a relationship with you and encourage them to make a purchase.

Messenger Ads
Octane AI Facebook Messenger ad flow

A standard Facebook ad rarely inspires a click. A potential customer is typically scrolling through their Facebook feed looking through all the links, images, and status updates their friends are sharing and not ready to go shopping at that moment. Not only that, but after they are done scrolling they may not even remember a product they liked and thought about clicking on they do remember it could be hard for them to find the link again as they attempt to scroll back up their feed or after refreshing.

On the other hand, a Facebook Messenger ad can be accessed when the customer is ready to view it, and when they are potentially better prepared to make a purchase. Since Messenger is a separate app on their phone, these ads are more accessible and won’t get lost in the noise of the standard Facebook Feed. Once a customer clicks on a Messenger ad, they can have an automated conversation that helps them find the product perfect for them.

Comment capture

As your brand’s Facebook page shares deals, funny images or videos, and more, potential customers could be inspired to comment on the post. These simple interactions provide an opportunity to further the conversation with commenters and interact with them on a more personal level. Tools like Comment Capture from Octane AI make this personalization incredibly simple to implement.

Once someone comments on your Facebook post you can automatically send them a Facebook Message. If the message is compelling enough for them to respond, you’ll be able to start future conversations with them via promotional offers or messages. Even though these messages are automated, they can seem personal to the customer, giving them a positive feeling about your brand.

Social Media

Other forms of Social Media have also proven helpful for brands looking to drive traffic to their website. Depending on your product’s target audience, there is typically a platform of choice for that sub-group. Many teenagers utilize Snapchat or Instagram, professionals use LinkedIn, and kids watch a lot of YouTube. Make sure you are not blasting out the same messaging on all platforms since a post that is engaging on Facebook could flop on Instagram. Inspiring people to click through to your website requires customization for each platform and it’s main user base.m


One of the best ways to encourage people to click through to your website is connecting with users through online influencers. These people have developed a dedicated following of potential customers who value the influencer’s opinion.

When looking at influencers don’t look solely at the number of followers as even micro-influencers can have a profound impact. They may have a smaller audience, but their followers are highly engaged and feel a deeper sense of connection to the influencer. Getting trusted people to talk about your products can inspire others to purchase and even re-share creating organic social buzz.

On-site messaging is essential

Once they have reached your site, you only have a small window of opportunity to get them to stay and browse through your products, mission statement, and more. Justuno provides e-commerce sites with a suite of tools to optimize their site and drive conversions. Including a variety of advanced segmentation and targeting rules, elegantly designed promotions, and more.

Justuno’s on-site tools can be integrated with Octane AI using a simple checkbox granting your brand access to the customer on Facebook Messenger. Now you can get communicate with these subscribers through email or Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Facebook Messenger continues the conversation

Once you have established contact with your customers through Facebook Messenger you can further your relationship with them using a variety of marketing flows designed to solve common barriers to conversion.

Welcome Series – First impressions are always the most important. A proper welcome series can capture your customer’s attention and keep them wanting more.

Broadcasts – These messages can be promotional, news related or simple messages to help keep your brand at the top of your customer’s mind.

Convos – Interactive conversations for Facebook Messenger that you can share with your audience. These are similar posts but are much more interactive. It is almost like a choose your own adventure for your customers.

Discounts – Send out discounts that are exclusive to those you interact with on Facebook Messenger to encourage your customers to continue using that channel and potentially sharing its value with others.

Abandoned Carts – Send shopping cart information via Facebook Messenger to remind your customer of the products they left behind, and help them cross the finish line.

Just like standing in the middle of Times Square, there are a million things competing for your customers’ attention. One of the most difficult things for e-commerce sites to do is cut through the noise, grab potential customer’s attention, keep it long enough for them to make a purchase, and engage with them afterward in an effort to bring them back. Tools like Octane AI and Justuno are helping e-commerce sites do just that.

To learn more about how to nurture new customers with Facebook Messenger, watch our recorded webinar with Justuno, Octane AI and Diff as we discuss tips, tricks and more to help you nurture your Messenger list.