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The 1 Task That Will Increase Your Sales Conversions Today: KUTOA’s 187% Gain


I rarely have time to write these days, but recently, Joey Grassia of KUTOA shared some incredible conversion rate optimization numbers using the Justuno platform. I felt it warranted sharing.

Joey is the founder of KUTOA Health Co., a brand of delicious health bars in which a portion of the proceeds goes to feeding a child in need. Like most eCommerce startups, KUTOA deals with average conversion and a high cart abandonment rate. This is obviously frustrating, knowing that potential revenue is left on the table, or in this case, the shopping cart.

We share office space with KUTOA here in San Francisco, a relationship that has grown to be symbiotic. Joey and his team have helped us improve the Justuno platform with thoughtful feedback. As experts in conversion rate optimization, we knew our platform could help KUTOA generate more sales. On Monday, Nov 9th, Joey asked me a simple question:

“What is the one thing that I can do today that will increase my sales conversion?”

“Run a shopping cart page promotion” I replied without hesitation. “Offer shoppers an incentive to check out when they attempt to leave your shopping cart page.” The next morning, Joey flagged me down and pulled me over to his desk and told me something amazing:

“I turned on the shopping cart page promotion like you recommended and so far every cart visitor has checked out this morning.”

What!? That’s insane and I thought not a chance. But, it was true! Wednesday morning I received an email from Joey with some incredible results:

“At the end of the day our conversion rate settled at 1.67%, up from 0.58%.”

See the live shopping cart page offer on KUTOA.com

An action you can take today to impact sales
I urge you to invest 15 minutes of your time to focus on your current website traffic. Think of your online store no differently than you would a brick and mortar retail experience.

Great retailers understand the value of customer service and are trained to approach customers that walk through the door. You’ve spent a lot of money driving traffic to your site, let’s start focusing on converting that traffic together today.

Step-by-step how-to video:

Reach out if you need help setting up a cart abandonment promotion or just want to chat about conversion optimization, we’re here to help!

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