The Simple, Underrated Hack to Higher ROI from Facebook Ads

I used to think that Facebook conversions happened when FB Ads reporting told me my ads converted.

Check out the ad dashboard from a Justuno client using our solution on their site.


The conversion results aren’t so great.

Now, they’re serving up a targeted site banner to visitors from this specific ad campaign and have already seen registrations increase!

Did you know that with Justuno, you can extend the life of your Facebook Ads and increase the ROI of your ad campaigns?

Once a user clicks through on one of your ads, what additional messaging are you displaying (to ONLY those visitors) to help push them further down your conversion funnel?

Let me show you what I’m talking about:

Build Your First Facebook-specific Offer

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to set up an offer like this – as usual, if you have questions, please reach out to your dedicated account manager from your dashboard!

Increasing ROI From Facebook Ads

UTM codes: a marketer’s best friend.

Don’t know what a UTM code is? If you work for an agency, shame on you. If you don’t and you’re doing this marketing stuff along with 20 other responsibilities, here’s a quick run-down.

With Justuno, you’re able to create a popup, offer, banner, exit intent mirroring the same message you’ve built into your marketing campaigns by specifying specific UTM parameters.

For example, we ran a Facebook ad for our Holiday Calendar and pulled the UTM codes into our design. This meant we were mirroring our ad messaging on site!

Second, we targeted visitors from that specific campaign by copying in the UTM campaign parameter in our targeting rules.

This allows you to get very granular with your targeting.

By mirroring the messaging from the ad, you increase your chances of pushing that Facebook visitor to convert – and, at the very least, if they attempt to exit, you can show a very tailored and relevant offer to capture their email.

And you know what we think about the true value of an email…

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