While email marketing may be the oldest marketing channel, it still outperforms every other marketing channel and it’s not even close! For every $1 spent on email marketing, there’s a $40 dollar return! Email is personal, direct, and heavily transactional. When you look at these three factors alone, it’s hard to ignore email as a viable marketing channel.

However, to have effective email marketing campaigns, you need a list of leads to market to. This is why an email lead capture is so critical to long term success.

Here’s a short list of benefits that capturing an email provides to your business:

  • Increased traffic conversion
  • Identifying a website visitor (On average, 60-70% of traffic are new visitors)
  • Directly market to leads via email marketing
  • Trigger automated email campaigns
  • Trigger cart abandonment campaigns (for e-commerce)
  • Fuel Facebook ad campaigns (custom audiences and lookalike audiences)

While a sale is the ultimate goal for most businesses, acquiring an email is an initial step that can lead to that sale. When you take into consideration that, on average, 98% of new traffic leaves your site without converting and that most leads require multiple marketing touches before converting, capturing an email to grow their mailing list is a key goal for any business.

The most effective email opt-in

Shinesty Pop-up

The digital landscape today is quite interesting. Businesses are dealing with massive amounts of competition, short consumer attention spans, and a lack of control over their website experience. Because of these outside influences, marketers have to be proactive with lead capture efforts.

Email signup pop-ups have proven to be the optimal choice for mailing list growth and this is for several reasons. Businesses are able to effectively engage website visitors, display a marketing message and present an email opt-in form in highly visible locations on-site.

Email pop-ups drive visitors to ask themselves the question, “Am I interested in this?” This is important because many businesses will never prompt a visitor to make a decision. You may have a bunch of interested visitors that come to your website on a daily basis, but unless you ask a relevant question, you’ll rarely be able to convert and identify these visitors.

The most successful email signup pop-ups offer something to the visitor in exchange for their taking this action. Whether that’s a discount, gift, or content download, offering something of value in exchange for the email address has proven to make these pop-ups more successful.

Don’t email signup pop-ups sound great? They are! But you need to verify that the addresses you’re receiving in exchange for the value-add offered are valid. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be able to connect with and market to this visitor in the future.

You can’t market to an invalid address

Email works by effectively connecting marketers to their prospects and customers. But certain email addresses can short-circuit this connection just as marketers attempt to make it. Emails only work if the address is valid. An invalid address effectively wipes out all the work that marketers did to obtain it.

Invalid email addresses in your system need not be a symptom of malicious activity. They could be the result of honest mistakes. Sometimes, users try to sign up, mistype their address, and miss the connection they genuinely meant to make.

Build a clean and valid email list

Using a tool to verify emails as they come will save time, save resources, and ultimately, save you from losing customers due to mistakes you could’ve easily fixed.

You can add a verification tool like BriteVerify to your web forms for gated content, offers, pop-ups, or at the point of sale itself. Whenever data enters your digital marketing process, verification is essential.

BriteVerify will automatically prompt prospects to correct their mistakes while keeping bad actors at bay. You’ll reduce your bounce rate, improve deliverability, and may boost your overall email ROI. After all, a missed inbox is a missed opportunity to make a sale.

At the end of the day, marketing to a clean email just makes sense. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customer. But it only works if their address is valid.

Validate emails with BriteVerify and Justuno

Whether you’re building your email list from scratch or looking to optimize your current lead capture process, you want a clean email list.

Our recent integration with BriteVerify allows you to capture email leads through email pop-ups and email signup forms while simultaneously verifying email addresses! A visitor will not be able to submit the form unless they enter a valid email address.

Say goodbye to fake email addresses and misspellings and say hello to a squeaky clean email list!

P.S. For more information on the integration please view the support documentation