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Part 1: Lead capture as a foundation for repeat purchasing

Justuno: Building a strong list first cultivates repeat purchases

Here at Justuno, we believe that email marketing is here to stay. Yes, it’s got new competition in the form of new platforms and channels for communicating with customers, but it’s proven itself over and over again as the most effective marketing channel to date with an incredible ROI (38:1)! 

A focus on building your list with high-quality leads and clear segmentation is the best way to set yourself up for success when it comes to increasing your repeat purchase rate. Learn how to amplify your lead capture efforts with personalized offers and experiences that lead to repeat purchases. 

Part 2: Repeat purchases & your website

Essence of Email: Drive repeat sales by fusing email and blogging

Customers who are passionate about your brand will purchase again and again. Brands can cultivate and strengthen this passion through blog content that provides value to customers. At Essence of Email, we have successfully launched new blog-post-based email campaigns that produce strong user engagement and drive sales. Read more about our approach and its results in our chapter.

Hawke Media: Customer retention 101, the best way to engage repetition

Whether you just started your e-commerce brand or are a well-established company, each customer acquisition or retention strategy is heavily influenced by where your store is in its lifecycle. Furthermore, each retention strategy should be curated to maximize the profitability of each customer, depending on their purchase behavior. However, there are a few key elements that every brand should abide by to encourage new purchasers and transition them into repeat customers, which we will delve into in our chapter.

Klarna: Alternative payment methods are shaping the future of e-commerce

Adding flexible payment options delivers more sales when integrated at a retailer’s point of sale. Our chapter will cover the benefits of adding an alternative payment option to your e-commerce site and include insights around shopping behavior to support this claim. You’ll learn how making payments easier, coupled with the right marketing strategy, can turn a first-time buyer into a repeat customer.

MuteSix: For repeat purchasers, context is everything

Learn how to use the context of your opt-in to fuel high converting post-purchase emails and retargeting campaigns:

  • Repeat purchases start with your onsite opt-in promotion
  • Build smart email and remarketing segments around your initial opt-in
  • Finding a balance between email and the rest of your channels 
  • Making the buy as easy as possible
  • Figuring out the right timing

Tinuiti: Placement of personalization is key

Product recommendations based on previous purchases and browsing data are a great way to capture the interest of a first-time purchaser who is about to bounce from your site. Place these prominently at the end of the checkout experience to encourage the customer to stay and continue engaging. Also, have a dedicated section for personalized recommendations within the customer’s account. Exit offer overlays on these account pages have shown strong conversion rates as well!  

Personalized coupon codes displayed in top banners onsite have proven effective in capturing repeat purchases, as well as exit offer overlays personalized to speak to “welcome back” or other such copy that recognizes existing customers vs. new visitors. 

Part 3: Repeat purchases & messaging apps

Attentive: How innovative brands elevate their loyalty programs with personalized mobile messaging

Mobile messaging helps marketers interact with their most loyal shoppers through a channel that’s natural for them: their phones. In this chapter, you’ll learn how providing personalized, thoughtful offers and reminders to consumers can help brands build and support engagement-based loyalty across the entire customer lifecycle.

Octane AI: Supercharging your lead generation and customer retention with Facebook Messenger ads and automations

This chapter will focus on the Octane AI customer acquisition funnel: 

  • Step 1: Get connected to prospective customers on Messenger via conversational Facebook Messenger ads, onsite pop-ups and opt-ins (Justuno!), email campaigns, and comment capture (auto-message all your Facebook commenters).
  • Step 2: Convert them with triggered messages — conversation abandonment, browse abandonment, and in particular, cart abandonment.
  • Step 3: Continually nurture through post-purchase messages — shipping, confirmation, referral program messages, Messenger upsells, cross-sells, etc.

Retention Rocket: Show some love and they’ll love you back

We will discuss how you can use personalized messages and target specific groups to maximize engagement and profits. By segmenting customers and sending customized messages over preferred channels, you show customers you know who they are and care about what is important to them. These personalized messages make them feel special and loved, which in turn makes them want to support your brand. 

ShopMessage: The Messenger marketing checklist to increasing customer LTV

Increasing customer lifetime value via Messenger is easy; reduce sign-up friction, interactive conversations, and personalized communications brew purchase intent and happy customers. Platforms like ShopMessage streamline the customer acquisition and retention process in just a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Capture opt-ins intelligently across the web.
  • Step 2: Re-engage your customers based on their interactions with your brand.
  • Step 3: Widen every step of your customer funnel.

Part 4: Repeat purchases & smart segmentation

dotdigital: Convert first-time purchasers into repeat customers

Converting first-time purchasers into repeat customers is the cornerstone of every growth strategy. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. Plus, a mere 5% increase in customer retention can grow profits from anywhere between 25% to 95%. That’s why focusing on first-time purchasers is so important – their purchases spur your business’ cash flow and profitability. Even better, customer loyalty boosts awareness of your brand and its profile. At dotdigital, we believe the key to growing your first-time customer base is through an effective post-purchase program. It should contain three elements: contextual communications, relevant content, and personalized product recommendations. In this chapter, we’ll show you that the marketer’s remit doesn’t end at customer acquisition; the work’s only just begun. Retention marketing goes beyond cross-selling and upselling: it’s about adding value to the customer experience. 

LoyaltyLion: Four quick fixes to bridge the gaps in your retention strategy

We’ll look at how merchants can use smart segmentation to identify missed opportunities for retaining loyal customers, and how to combat them.

The missed opportunities we’ll cover are: 

  • Customers who check-out as a guest
  • Customers with a low AOV
  • Missed opportunities to convert happy customers into advocates 
  • Customers who are at risk of shopping with your competition and disengaging with your brand

Oracle NetSuite: Gift reminders, emails that keep giving

Gift-giving isn’t limited to the major retail holidays, and by providing a timely reminder of an upcoming special date, retailers can position themselves as top-of-mind for customers when those days roll around through helpful messaging. Automated gift reminder emails — long used by floral companies — are an effective, low-cost way to turn a one-time purchaser into a repeat customer throughout the year. This three-step guide explains how to gather the necessary data and create a basic gift reminder program for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Smile: Bridge the customer journey gap with engagement

Everyone knows how to acquire customers, but the increasing cost of acquisition through digital ads means you need to be moving them from simply being acquired to being retained, repeat customers to sustainably grow your business.

Moving every customer from acquired to retained requires a key middle step: engagement. This interaction between your brand and your customers is the key to forming emotional relationships that turn into long-term feelings of loyalty.

Loyalty programs help you move customers through that entire customer journey by integrating with onsite reminders like pop-up notifications and program nudges to help you connect with customers in the moments that matter most. Thus, transforming your brand from simply being a place to buy products to a store that truly has their best interests in mind.

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