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C21 Exit Intent Pop-Up

Exit offers are one of the “must-have” campaigns we preach that Justuno users set up immediately.

That’s because they are one of the “easiest wins” you have in terms of converting your current or existing traffic.

By showing an offer to your visitor on exit, you can not only acquire a new customer but also increase your overall sales by rescuing that lost revenue before your visitor exits.

This blog post will examine an exit offer used by C21 stores, the NYC retail icon and a store that does over 1M in monthly traffic.

Exit offers convert

Did you know the majority of your traffic leaves without converting into a lead or a sale? The average conversion rate for websites is 2.35%. That means that 98% of all your traffic is NOT converting!

Exit offers are easy to set up and they work. Today’s example looks at some stats behind one major retailer’s exit offer pop-up.

C21 put together a well-designed pop-up offering free shipping to those customers who were exiting their site:

C21 Exit Intent Pop-Up

Why this pop-up works

Obviously, the image choice is a big win here: C21’s choice to put an image of an attractive woman looking directly at the customer is enticing and likely to catch attention.

Plus, the promotion itself is difficult to say “no” to free shipping on a minimum order of $10. The promo code itself, which is the largest text in the offer (most obvious) plainly spells out what the promotion is with the magic word ‘FREE’ up front.

This promotion does what any good promotion should do – enhances your value proposition. Depending on your AOV (average order value) some customers may be reluctant to pay for shipping. For example, if someone is going to buy a product for $15 they may not be interested in paying $2.95 for shipping.

Those customers can be easily won by offering to cover that shipping cost yourself. They get your awesome product, and you get that sale – win-win.

The takeaways here are:

  • Image and design
  • An irresistible offer
  • Knowing what kind of offer your ideal target will respond to

The numbers for C21's exit offer

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers behind this exit offer pop-up:

  • Impressions: 11,818
  • Engagements: 7,868
  • Conversions: 664
  • Conversion Rate: 8.4%

Check your cart abandonment rate

I’d challenge you to analyze your cart abandonment rate today. Write it down. Take a screenshot. Remember it.

Now, set up an Exit Offer. Make sure you follow some of the best practices when designing it, and turn it on!

You should start seeing results immediately in terms of engagement, and if your offer’s right, you’ll see a difference in conversions, too.

To see more examples of high-converting pop-ups, visit

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