In response to our customer’s requests for more advanced features and strategic support, we’ve added a new plan designed specifically for mid-to-enterprise level businesses — Justuno Plus!

As our product and core technology continues to evolve, we thought it was time to refresh our account structure to reflect these advancements.

Justuno Plus offers access to our latest AI-driven features and increased support in designing advanced strategies, while still giving you complete control over your account.

Your Justuno Plus Strategist

Each Justuno Plus account is guided by a dedicated Plus Strategist, who will help you get your account up and running with a 30-day onboarding program that includes custom embed installation and testing, weekly strategy calls, and an ongoing strategy roadmap based on your business goals.

From the administrative side, Justuno Plus offers a plethora of value adds designed to empower you to create the right conversion and recommendation strategy for your brand with a little help from the experts.

In addition to custom installation services and a general strategy roadmap, your dedicated Plus Strategist will monitor your account for traffic fluctuations, conversion performance, and more so that you can be alerted the moment a discrepancy is found.

To help ensure you’re getting the most out of your Justuno Plus plan after onboarding, your Plus Strategist will continue to support you with monthly strategy check-ins and alert you to the latest monthly training webinar.

Throughout your contract, Justuno is there to support you and provide top-notch support and expertise to help you optimize your site and customer experience from top to bottom.

New AI-Powered Features

With the launch of Justuno Plus, we’re also introducing the first product in our lineup of AI-powered features: intelligent upsell and cross-sell promotions. Harnessing the power of our core technology, our intelligent upsell and cross-sell promotions take into account transactional data, specific visitor behavior, website behavioral patterns, and more.

This is the first of many AI-driven features we will be rolling out this year exclusively for our Justuno Plus accounts.

Much like the e-commerce industry, Justuno is constantly changing and growing. We’re excited to take our company and product to the next level so that we can continue to offer new and improved ways for retailers to scale their businesses.

For questions regarding signing up for Justuno Plus or upgrading from your Basic plan, book a call with our team.

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