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A simple, self-service solution for businesses to handle website messaging and personalization starting at: $25/month

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Our premium solution to manage the complexities of scaling audience segmentation and platform needs for businesses with growing sales.

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Our white-glove service that does all the heavy lifting to accomplish your specific needs with an entire team dedicated to your business goals.

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Agency Accounts

Join our Agency Partner Program to get access to a free pro-agency account plus exclusive features.

Lead capture and website messaging pop-ups
Design Canvas
A/B Testing
Push Notifications
Advanced Targeting Rules
Intelligent upsell and cross-selling promotions
Dedicated account manager
Onboarding services
Weekly calls
Installation services (including custom embeds)
Strategy roadmap
Access to two-tier support
Account monitoring
Ongoing weekly strategy calls
Campaign creation and scheduling
Additional Fee
Custom development
Additional Fee
Phone support
Live Chat
Support Email
Minimum plan commitment
12 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

What plan works for me?

Your plan is based on your website traffic. Sign up for a free trial and install Justuno on your site to see the exact plan you fall under. No matter your traffic size, you’ll receive access to our full suite of products and features both in the free trial and in your paid account.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee on all annual subscriptions. We do not offer any refunds on monthly or quarterly subscriptions. Learn more about our Terms of Service.

How do I upgrade or make changes to my account?

To upgrade, please create an account and click here. You may also navigate to the grey gear icon inside your account and click the large green “Upgrade Now” button in the drop down.

I didn't see an integration listed. Can I still use Justuno?

Of course! With Justuno, you have the option to use a custom embed code to setup conversion tracking and custom integrations with all of your favorite marketing tools. Learn more.

Will Justuno slow down my website?

The short answer is no. Justuno will not have any impact on your website load time. Justuno uses an asynchronous technique to load our widget, which means it does not block the loading of other content on your website. Therefore, it should not affect your site speed. Learn more

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! Justuno adheres to all stipulations outlined in the General Data Protection Regulations. In addition, we offer GDPR-specific pop-ups to ensure your website stays GDPR compliant, as well. Learn more.

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