Are you looking to drive more engagement and revenue from your email list?

Well, there’s an old saying in advertising…

“People don’t read ads. They read what interests them. Sometimes that’s an ad.”

-Howard Gossage

The same applies to emails unless it’s interesting and relevant… you’re missing out on the potential for an engaging touchpoint.

So when it comes to maximizing the engagement and performance of your email marketing, relevancy is king. Here at Andzen, we’ve seen clients repeatedly improve performance with increased relevancy and targeting efforts.

Advanced data capture for improving ROI

You can use a tool like Justuno to create relevant onsite experiences that are designed to capture zero party data that can properly segment your audience and improve ROI—while creating a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

Combine these advanced data capture techniques with behavioral marketing for the ultimate shopping experience.

Let’s take a look at an example:

If a visitor comes to your website and is looking at brightly-colored women’s workout pants, there’s a good chance they’ll respond positively to a promotion saying:

“Hey gorgeous, want a coupon for 10% off our entire range of leggings?”

Even better, add imagery that would appeal to these visitors like a model using the products, bright colors tying into the product line, etc.

Sunny Life Email Opt-In

These are all ways to make your email opt-in more compelling and encourage their desired action. Once they’ve entered their details, we can tag them as a visitor interested in women’s clothing, workout pants, etc. based on their behavior.

Think of these tags in your email database, like a sticky note helping to identify subscriber interests and preferences.

Once a site visitor has joined our mailing list, it’s our job to properly segment them for future campaigns. One great way to do this is to simply send them an email and ask what they’re interested in.

Yep, it’s that simple.

With the fitness example above, you could send them a welcome email asking them what their biggest fitness goal is right now:

  • Losing weight
  • Packing on muscle
  • General wellness
  • Optimizing mental health

Once our new email subscriber clicks on the answer that best describes them, we can tag them with that specific interest and tailor future messaging around it.

As you can imagine, someone interested in packing on muscle will likely respond to different offers than someone looking to overcome other health issues.

Now that we have a good idea of what motivated someone to visit our site, we can show them offers that relate directly to that need or desire.

One great way to do this is through “dynamic display elements” in our emails.

Using dynamic display content

This is when you build emails with elements that dynamically display content that’s relevant to the individual based on the tags or segments.

For example… If you’ve integrated your email platform (let’s say Klaviyo), with your e-commerce platform (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc), you can dynamically display some compelling content based on website behavior and specific products.

Let’s say you have a subscriber who’s added a product to their cart but then abandoned it. We would send an email showcasing that product and let them know their cart’s waiting for them!

Pro Tip: Subject lines that are personalized with their first name, emojis, etc. are high converters!

This is a great way to re-engage abandoned carts, driving traffic back to your site and, ultimately, closing the sale.

Another option is to proactively send subscribers emails with products they’re likely to be interested in. For example, if a shopper indicated an interest in packing on muscle, send an email showcasing your current best-selling protein supplement. Personalize it with a subject line like “Hey Julia; we found an item we think you might love” or if it’s a new product launch, “We made this one just for you.” This helps to engage subscribers and capture their interest enough to close the important first sale.

The best part is each segment will see different products based on what they’ve shown an interest in and behaviors they’ve exhibited.

Sunny Life Emails

With dynamic display content, we can create a welcome email series that’s tailored for each subscriber and looks completely different across segments

It’s kind of like a “choose your own adventure” where customers are moving through the funnel and taking different actions that dynamically customize their experience.


“People don’t read ads. They read what interests them. Sometimes that’s an ad.”

-Howard Gossage

Using the strategies we’ve just discussed, we can guarantee your emails are getting read and that your products are showing up to the people who want and need them most.

If you need more information on putting this into action, feel free to reach out to us at Andzen