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Shopify Integration

It’s easy to start your first Shopify store and integrate Justuno. Quickly grow your email list, market to website visitors with personalized pop-ups, and treat your customers to VIP offers. With our direct integration, Justuno and Shopify work together to take the headache out of marketing and turn it into sales.


Target your customer's cart value

By targeting the cart value pulled from your Shopify Plus site, you can show Justuno pop-ups based on items in the cart or the cart total value.

Making mobile sales has never been easier

Shopify Plus has mobile-first functionality built into their product. Combine that with Justuno’s mobile offers’ SEO-friendly targeting rules.

Plug & play to keep your system running

Justuno integrates with other crucial marketing apps that Shopify Plus merchants use to keep their e-commerce site up-and-running.

Snow Monkey converts their paid traffic to grow email list & make sales

Snow Monkey, a vegan ice cream brand, used paid social and email marketing to expand their healthy ice cream into physical stores. Read the full case study to see how they leveraged Justuno’s geo-targeting capabilities!

Cocofloss sees a 20% reduction in cart abandonment in just one month!

Luxury dental floss brand, Cocofloss, was primed for scale. After their initial growth, they knew they needed to optimize their website to better-nurture incoming traffic. Check out the full case study to see their exact strategy.

No extra apps needed: upsell or cross-sell on Shopify

Because Justuno’s direct integration with Shopify makes it easy to target the cart value and items in the cart, you can create upsell or cross-sell pop-ups using this cart value information! Get on the road to increasing your AOV today.

Download the Shopify Case Study