We’re excited to introduce our new suite of AI-powered product recommendations that helps retailers create more powerful and refined product recommendations.

This engine syncs your product inventory with our intelligent visitor profiles to create hyper-targeted promotions that encourage higher-order values and increased conversions. 

Choose from upselling, cross-selling, most viewed products, or most purchased products as the base algorithm for your promotion. With filters, you can personalize your promotion even further, showing only the products you want customers to see.

Automated personal product recommendations

Using Justuno’s proprietary intelligent visitor profiles, our recommendation engine syncs with your site’s product inventory to deliver hyper-targeted product recommendations that encourage higher-order values and increased conversions.

These highly focused promotions are built on two components: a base algorithm and secondary filters so you can create recommendations as broad or narrow as you need.


Our algorithms work on a scenario-based system depending on the viewed item and your overall tactic for that item. Depending on your desired goal, you can select one of the following algorithms: upselling, cross-selling, most viewed and most purchased. These algorithms continuously learn from your product data, and website visitor behavior to then display items in your inventory that the visitor is most likely to be interested in and purchase. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of each algorithm type:

  • Upselling — The upselling algorithm suggests products based on an equal or more expensive item that other similar customers bought. 
  • Cross-Selling — The cross-selling algorithm suggests complementary or related products commonly bought alongside the currently viewed product across all product categories. 
  • Most Viewed — The most viewed algorithm gathers all products in your product feed and displays your store’s most view products. 
  • Most Purchased — The most purchased algorithm displays the items that were most ordered out of all of your store’s products.


While the algorithm allows you to choose the overall goal of the promotion, filters allow you to refine your strategy and hone in on specific scenarios. 

With the recommendation engine, up to 50 products can be recommended per promotion — filters allow you to set inclusion parameters and control which products are shown or not shown to visitors.

Filters options include: 

  • Date added
  • Brand
  • Product name
  • Force include products
  • Discounts
  • Price
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Stock level
  • Show “out of stock” items

These filters are a great way to add or narrow recommendations based on:

  • Pushing excess inventory
  • Brands typically bought together
  • Similar items based on size or color
  • General price points
  • Recently added inventory for consistent shoppers

Combining algorithms with filters allows you to create promotions for every segment at every stage in the customer journey.

Give the people what they want

Visitor behavior should be the root of your audience segments and therefore, the base for what each customer journey is designed around. By using behavioral indicators, you let visitors self select their experience and can implement the right tactic at the right point in the buyer’s journey. For example, you wouldn’t want to use an upselling promotion that showed someone the most expensive item in your store when they were browsing the bargain bin.

With our product recommendations you don’t have to worry about showing irrelevant promotions or interrupting a shopping experience with nothing to offer. Between your product inventory data and Justuno’s intelligent visitor profiles, you can be confident you’re giving visitors exactly what they want.

Justuno helps you navigate the nuances of timing and creating experiences designed to convert. 

Final thoughts

This is a powerful new product suite where you can elevate your marketing through automation and take the guesswork out of campaign creation. AI-powered intelligent personalization is the future of marketing, and as you scale your business, it’s the most efficient, reliable way to service your customers.

As we continue to expand our AI capabilities, we’ll continue to add to this growing suite of products. Be sure to check back in as we continue to enhance our platform and move onsite marketing forward.