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As marketers, we focus a lot of attention on KPI’s.

Here at Justuno, we believe there’s value in paying attention to the conversion of all the marketing work you’re doing. 

And we like to measure that by % of traffic converted to email.

How many email signups are you capturing?

This should be one of your top KPI’s and a constant metric you use to monitor your marketing success.


I’ll get into that below. But first, let’s look at why capturing email is important in the first place. (If you think you already know this, feel free to skip ahead to where it makes sense.)

Email signups supercharge your marketing strategy

It may seem pretty obvious: but once you have an email address, the possibilities of marketing to that person and pushing them further down the conversion funnel are endless.

But you’d be surprised at how many websites with major traffic are still dropping the ball on capturing that traffic, turning them into leads and eventually a sale.

The remedy is simple: leverage an email capture solution like Justuno.

Once you get the feel for setting up the two top-recommended promotions (New Visitor and Exit Intent/Cart Abandonment), you will feel more confident about using email capture to acquire emails, segment them inside your ESP or marketing software, then push out personalized or targeting marketing.

Here’s an example flow of how a marketer can use Justuno with an ESP:

Justuno + ESPs

Capture 5% of traffic to achieve higher ROI on all marketing

Putting a 5% goal on your email capture rate is a great metric to start with (if you’re just beginning email capture) or to shoot for (if you’ve already got email capture in place).

This is a minimum suggestion we give all of our customers and agencies.

Imagine if you could capture 5% of your current traffic, then move those email addresses to eventual sales. As your business grows and traffic scales, this gets into some pretty powerful stuff.

Email Signups Capture

Think of it this way: imagine your email list has 1,000 people on it. The majority of these people either opted-in to your list somehow (they gave permission to be on it) or they purchased something from you before.

Sending these 1,000 qualified folks an email with an offer to buy a new product for $10 costs you $0. You just have to spend the time creating the offer.

81% of those customers will likely purchase a product directly from that email.

That’s an additional $8,100 from one email blast!

Email is clearly the most powerful marketing channel when it comes to deciding where to spend your marketing dollars:

Email ROI

This is why email marketing is so powerful. You can read a much more robust post on that here.

Improve your lifecycle & cart abandonment campaigns

Capturing an email on Exit or Cart Abandonment helps you improve your chances at capturing what could be lost revenue.

When you show an offer to someone who intends to leave your site or abandon their cart, you are incentivizing them to take an action by sweetening the deal. Here at Justuno, we find that Free Shipping is hands-down the top-performing offer across our user base.

Once the visitor opts-in to the exit or cart abandon offer, you have access to their most personal channel – email – and can now deliver more targeted marketing based on the page they exited or items they may have left in their cart.

You have more information about them now. By using Justuno features like Hidden Fields, you know what page they were exiting from or what items are in their cart.

Here are some examples of hidden fields we can populate to power-up your lifecycle/cart abandonment campaigns:

Signups Hidden Field Forms

Capturing 5% of traffic boosts other marketing efforts

When you capture 5% of the traffic you’re able to boost your other marketing spend.

Setting up smarter email pop-ups helps boost return on your other marketing efforts and can make your other budget for channels more profitable.

Facebook ads

Example: if you’re running Facebook ads to a specific product or collection page, you can target a pop-up specifically to those visitors.

Why is this effective?

By recognizing what channel these conversions are coming from (your Facebook campaign), you can then send these leads more relevant marketing messages.

If they come from a Facebook ad for men’s t-shirts and opt-in, you can send them a Welcome email with some of your top-selling men’s tees instead of a “general” welcome email.

An easy way to personalize marketing from the beginning and BOOST your email effectiveness.

Facebook custom audiences

Dovetailing off of Facebook Ads, Facebook Custom Audiences really play directly into the above portion, but I want to expand on it a bit separately here:

If you’ve just set up your pixel, you’re going to need to wait a bit and receive enough traffic so your Facebook Pixel can learn who is visiting your site.

Then, you can really do some powerful stuff with Custom Audiences!

Custom audience lists can be created, for example, from past customers who’ve completed purchases. You can then create multiple lists based on their actions.

For example, you can create a custom audience list of members who purchased a bag of single-origin coffee beans from you one month ago.

It may be effective to target them with an ad asking whether they’re ready for another bag and/or want to sign up for a subscription!

Re-targeting them with a discount on another bag or on a coffee subscription with an ad on Facebook, then becomes even more valid when you can recognize people coming from that specific campaign and show them the same 10% messaging when they click-through and arrive on your site.

Can you see how this totally changes the landscape of customer acquisition cost?

Retargeting and mirroring that messaging can really lower your cost per acquisition if you use these tools right.

Measure your KPIs today

Can you achieve 5%? Absolutely. It’s not difficult once you have your two baseline offers in place (New Visitor / Cart Abandon or Exit Offer) and running.

Revisit these offers to optimize them and get the conversion rates up.

If you already have promotions up, consider making an A/B test and implement one of these suggested changes:

  • Add an intro screen (set up a 3-step offer instead of 2-step/regular)
  • Add a hidden field to an offer to capture more detailed info
  • Swap out an image for a different one and/or add a product image

Make your offer more visible by increasing the size of the dollar amount or percentage amount off

  • Add a full-screen overlay email capture to see if this performs better with your audience

Start collecting more emails today

If you’re not where you want to be in terms of email sign ups or lead capture on your site, reach out to our sales team today so you can get set up on a free trial of the most powerful CRO platform on the market today.

This free and instant analysis of your website performance will show you what Justuno can do for your business.

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