When it comes to marketing to shoppers on your site, direct and relevant communication is going to yield the biggest return. A marketing message with content personalized to a particular shopper’s session is the ultimate dream for retailers.

That dream is now a reality! Justuno offers Shopify retailers and agencies the ability to incorporate cart values into both design and targeting. This opens up so many possibilities to deliver true 1:1 marketing messages throughout the shopping experience.

Incorporating cart value into your marketing

Add cart values into your promotion design

Shopify users can easily add both cart total and cart quantity directly into their promotions which is great for consistent messaging but also some unique opportunities such as upsells, threshold promotions (Free shipping on orders of $100+), and much more. We’ll get into this in the next section.

Target shoppers based on cart values

Displaying different cart values within your Justuno pop-ups and banners is just the half of it. We’ve also built in functionality that lets you do some pretty cool stuff! Shopify cart value rules allow you to target shoppers based on:

  • Product Number, Name, Quantity, Price, Color, and Size
  • Cart total and Cart Quantity
  • Past Order History
  • New Customer vs Returning Customer
  • Time Since Last Purchase

All of these capabilities are built into Justuno’s advanced targeting rules and can be implemented on your Shopify store. Now, onto some applicable use cases of the cart value functionality.

Use cases for cart value functionality

Free shipping thresholds

This use case makes sense for any e-commerce retailer that is looking to increase average order value. Free shipping is a high-value perk that shoppers are avidly looking for but it doesn’t always make sense to offer it on every order.

A free shipping threshold allows retailers to decide on which cart totals to offer free shipping and use it as a conversion tool. Using Justuno’s cart value functionality, you can display the exact dollar amount needed for a shopper to get free shipping.

How to setup a free shipping treshold offer
Target specific cart totals & created tiered promotions

Let’s face it, we can’t always use a “one discount fits all” strategy with promotional marketing. It also makes sense to target higher cart values with special offers that convert at a higher rate.

With these cart value rules, you can deliver specific promotions to shoppers based on the dollar amount in their cart giving you another conversion tactic to drive sales from high-value shoppers. Here, you can get very creative with your discounting strategy without sacrificing margins on low-value sales.

Deliver promotions based on specific

By using Justuno in unison with Shopify, you can get super crafty with personalizing marketing messages based on the contents of a shopper’s cart. Deliver specific messaging, promo codes, or an upsell opportunity when a shopper adds a certain item or items to their cart. Boil it down further by quantity, color, price, or size!

upselling promotion

The GLD Shop serves up upsell offers once a shopper adds specific items to their cart!

Specific promotions for new & repeat customers

One major frustration that retailers run into on promotional campaigns is the inability to fully segment between new and repeat customers. These audiences should absolutely be treated differently but it hasn’t always been possible.

Using past order history you can truly segment between these two different audiences and deliver a unique experience to each. This is particularly valuable for retailers who want more control over their promo codes and which shoppers they are delivered to.

Create a dynamic cart value promotion today!

As a Shopify retailer, you need the ability and flexibility to create dynamic promotional offers. Now, with Justuno’s cart value rules, you can essentially create highly targeted and relevant promotions to turn everyday shoppers into paying customers.

Get started today with a free Justuno account and check out our support documentation for full instructions on how to set up these offers.

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