How to Rock Your Back-to-School Sales & Marketing [Infographic]

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Back-to-school shopping season is here which provides a huge opportunity for online retailers. 68% of Q3 revenue comes from back-to-school shopping (Click to Tweet). With the majority of seasonal sales coming during August, right now is the best time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

Luckily, our friends from The Shelf have provided a ton of useful statistics and information on back-to-school shopping trends in the infographic below. This infographic will help you identify sales opportunities, create effective promotions, and capitalize on consumer behavior.

Here are a few of my favorite statistics from below:

  • Clothing, footwear, and backpacks are the most popular back-to-school products (Click to Tweet)
  • Dads are big spenders! 37% more money is spent when dads are in charge of back-to-school shopping (Click to Tweet) 
  • 40% more back-to-school purchases were influenced by deal-hunting (Click to Tweet)


Courtesy of: The Shelf

Hopefully, you’re able to take the above information and apply it to your back-to-school sales and marketing strategy.  If you’re short on time, we’ve made it super easy to launch a back-to-school promotion. Check in your account for pre-built templates for every major holiday!


  1. […] Back to school shoppers start as early as April. Yes, 40% of B2S sales occur in August but over 50% of B2S sales occur before August. In the early summer months, it’s beneficial to craft a marketing strategy that specifically focuses on reaching B2S shoppers. Many retailers benefit from these sales dates, even popular marketplaces like Amazon run frequent discount promotions. Did you know, Dads spend 37% more money when they’re in charge of back-to-school shopping? […]

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