Segmenting the traffic that’s coming to your site by their location is a powerful way to introduce and convert more from your Justuno campaigns.

By geo-targeting your traffic, you automatically provide a heightened and more personal online shopping experience when the visitor sees messaging tailored to their location.

And we all know a good shopping UX is key to website conversion!

Let’s look at a couple of use cases for implementing geo-targeting for your website’s pop-ups and messaging.

Show Targeted Offers Or Messaging To A Specific Country

If you’re receiving traffic from different countries, it’s in your best interest to cater offers and messaging to that particular region. This is going to provide a more seamless experience for visitors and can result in increased conversion rates. Here are a few common use cases for targeting visitors by country:

  • Present different shipping options and offers based on the visitor’s country
  • Present unique copy, imagery, and offerings based on the visitor’s country
  • Present messaging in their native language based on the visitor’s country
  • Collect information about visitors based on their country
Sativida Lead Capture Spanish Geo-Targeted

Another example is to explore new audiences—perhaps you aren’t yet selling in other countries but want to explore the viability of expanding your operations. Place a targeted banner on your website for those visitors to voice their interest and see if there’s enough to justify an expansion!

Below is a great example by Tonal, targeting Canadian visitors giving them the opportunity to let them know what they’d like to see from them in the future:

Tonal Want us in Canada Banner

Show Specific Messaging To Certain States, Cities, or Zip Codes

There are many effective use cases for segmenting your traffic by state, city, and even US zip codes. Here are a few:

  • Show relevant information about shipping delays or specific requirements based on their location
  • Show invitations to a popup shop or in-person event 
  • Offer an in-store discount to website visitors or where stores are located can help clear inventory in a physical location and/or drive more foot traffic)

A great example of this is our client, Ella + Mila, who used geo-targeted cart abandonment offers to show those located near stores with their products stocked where they could find them same-day so they didn’t have to wait for shipping. 

Exit ella+mila

If you’re a food & beverage brand or sell something similar that people may want to try before they buy online—geo-targeted pop-ups can be a great way to encourage that first purchase in person to save the sale. 

eboost find a store popup

Geo-targeting can also be used when unexpected issues or weather events come up—communicate these delays only to those whom they will affect and this transparency will increase customer satisfaction.

NJ Fulfillment Banner Furniture

Other options include when you offer special delivery for customers who are located in cities where you have a brick-and-mortar location like this home delivery service.

Local Delivery CBD

And these geo-targeted pop-ups don’t have to be limited to just the pre-purchase customer journey. Continue the personalization after the sale is completed as well with geo-targeted coupon offers for those in areas where your products are sold in-store! 

This is similar to the abandoned cart strategy listed above for Ella+Mila but here it’s framed as “can’t want to try it.” Not only are you encouraging a second purchase before the initial one is even received but providing a blended experience of on and offline options.

bored cow geo targeted retailer coupon

Collect Zip Codes For Off-Site Geo-Targeted Marketing

Justuno doesn’t just have to be used for geo-targeting on your website, but can also be used to collect self-reported location data for specific email/SMS campaigns later on. An example of this in action is from our client, Snow Monkey, who wanted to create a more branded online shopping experience that united their e-commerce operation with their expanding grocery store presence. 

They used a combination of paid media to drive traffic to their site, where visitors were greeted with a branded, memorable lead capture.

The popup asked for an email address & zip code so they could subsequently send geo-targeted email campaigns notifying subscribers when their products were stocked in local stores. Adding a single field to their lead capture allowed Snow Monkey to personalize email campaigns with highly relevant information that drove up open rates to 42% and ensured foot traffic to local stores for sales.

If you’re wondering if adding another field to the lead capture impacted sign-ups, it didn’t…in fact, their email list grew 500%.

Snow Monkey Zero Party Data

Use Geo-Targeting Effectively On Your Website

Geo-targeting is a great way to provide important information to visitors who need it, personalize their online experience, and ultimately, drive more sales through a stronger online-to-offline connection.

You don’t have to have a brick-and-mortar store or be stocked in retailers for geo-targeting to make a difference in your campaigns.

Ready to get started? Get a free, 14-day trial to experience the power of Justuno’s advanced targeting and see what it can do for your business.