More Effective Segmentation For Your Website In Less Time

Reach exactly the right people with Justuno’s segmentation tool for personalized website experiences at scale. A mini-CRM of powerful real-time data is at your fingertips ready to be activated no coding required.

Connect With Your Target Segments, In Less Time

Whatever audience segmentation strategy you choose, you can build a stronger connection with your visitors by speaking to the people behind the screens. Refine your onsite experience with precise segments based on the traits you want to target updating in real-time.

  • Default & custom properties to collect every kind of data point.
  • Static & active segments for enhanced targeting just like your CRM.
  • Combine unlimited filters to reach your ideal customers.
  • Individual visitor profiles for a 360° view of your customers.

Push these insights throughout your tech stack with our integrations or use it only on your website for the ultimate brand experience.

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2-Way Sync For Shopify Merchants

Justuno’s deep integration with Shopify goes both ways with Shopify and Justuno sending each other customer and new profile data to keep everything in sync. Trigger relevant messaging based on factors like specific purchases or discount code usage on top of all the other data you’ve collected.

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Test Segmentation And Targeting Strategies

A/B test your segmentation and targeting strategies until you find the most effective way to engage your audience. Compare triggers, traits, offers, placement, and more so you test the who, what, when, and where of your onsite campaigns for maximum efficiency.

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“It can target visitors in so many different ways, it will make your head spin. There’s a seemingly infinite number of different engagement strategies.”

— Capterra User

Create Onsite Experiences That Maximize Conversion

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty: The more a visitor feels your message was written for them, the more receptive they are and likely to start building a loyal relationship.
  2. Maximize Relevancy: Whether they’re a new visitor, first-time customer, loyal VIP, or a deserter, show them the right message for their lifecycle to drive specific actions.
  3. Omnichannel Marketing: Connect all your marketing efforts for a seamless experience between channels like email, SMS, paid media, and your website using targeting rules to build onsite experiences based on traffic source. Improve results for each campaign and maximize your return on marketing efforts.

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