By now, you’re well aware of email marketing ROI and the value of an email address so this post focuses on how to improve your email campaigns with one simple tactic. One of the highest ROI strategies we’ve seen among our Justuno users is also probably the most simple: mirroring email messaging onsite.

That means, when you send out an email to your list, take that exact message you’ve produced and mirror it onsite. Examples of types of messages you could mirror:

  • Discount codes (not unique codes, but general codes like Welcome or Discount codes)
  • Free shipping offer/threshold
  • Holiday messaging / offer
  • Limited time sale

Reinforcing these types of messages onsite actually helps convert. Let’s explore why.

Why reinforcing email messaging onsite converts

Smart digital marketers know that email is the highest converting channel outside of your own website.

If you know that, then you’ll be investing your best resources into dialing-in your email marketing campaigns. Good job!

But, are you doing everything you can to make sure these email campaigns are converting after click-thru?

Simply mirroring your messaging onsite can drastically help be a subtle psychological reminder to your visitors of what action they need to take next.

It quietly nudges them further down your conversion funnel.

And, the cool thing is: your message doesn’t have to be a super-complex build. You CAN get fancy and drop in the same discount code you’ve sent in an email.

Or, you can be effective by simply showing the exact same text you sent out in your email campaign.

Here’s a simple example from Justuno client Brooks Running:

Brooks Running Coupon Continuity

Notice that there’s nothing fancy about this setup. They simply mirrored their holiday offer in a banner. No CTA or timer (though adding these will increase effectiveness). Just an exact reflection of what was said in their email.

Of course, you can level-up your campaign effectiveness by dropping in the same discount code you’ve offered, like this example from Blender’s Eyewear:

Blenders Coupon Continuity

We’ve created a video to discuss the effectiveness of mirroring email messaging onsite. Check it out below:

This kind of coupon continuity throughout a shoppers experience is just one more way you can reduce barriers to purchase, keep shoppers on your site longer, and create a user experience designed to convert.

Looking for more advanced use cases? Check out our Justuno Academy for another advanced use of mirrored onsite messaging and other ways to elevate your marketing strategy.