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With Cyber 5 in the rearview mirror, we wanted to take the time to share with our readers just how amazing Justuno clients did this year. We’ve seen some compelling statistics on our platform performance for all of our clients, and specifically how our managed client campaigns did over the Cyber 5 Holiday.

The Justuno Platform

It’s always exciting to see just how big of a season it is for our clients, and this year was no exception. During the Cyber 5 holiday the Justuno platform serviced over 15,000 requests per second compared to the usual 4,000. 

This helped our clients achieve a 60% increase in emails collected through Justuno forms, and boosted their conversion rates to 4.5X normal. The average engagement and conversion rate for Justuno users were up around 15% from their normal 5-7%.

For the e-commerce version of the Super Bowl…those are some pretty compelling performance stats. For 2020, Justuno will be unveiling Project Phoenix which is a revolutionary new approach to onsite marketing. Our platform will be more powerful than ever to help retailers continue to grow and achieve their marketing goals. Stay tuned for updates!

Professional Services Performance

Our Professional Services (PS) department helped 61 clients this holiday season, earning some major wins and putting up some impressive conversion stats. As a whole, our PS clients collected over 30,000 emails during Cyber 5. 

In addition to new emails, Justuno was able to reduce abandoned cart rates by 11%, boost engagement to a massive 20%, and convert an average 14% of those subscribers.

The average order value for Justuno engaged carts came in at $124 during the Cyber 5 weekend with PS clients making $9.6 million dollars. 40% of those earnings were attributed directly to Justuno promotions.

Justuno Plus Performance

Our Plus department helped 31 clients get ready for the holiday season with the average Plus user collecting 6,111 emails over Cyber 5.

Justuno Plus clients saw a 9% decrease in cart abandonment on average and an AOV for engaged carts of $157.

These 31 clients made a little over $7 million during the holiday weekend, and 41% of that was driven by their Justuno promotions.

The Holiday Wrap Up

With 2019 behind and 2020 getting underway, there’s no better time to organize and optimize your site for the new year. We’ve put together a few resources to help retailers start the year off right:

Stay on top of all upcoming sales holidays with our 2020 Marketing Calendar. Start planning ahead by building your promotional strategy for 2020.

See just how far Justuno can take your website from where it currently stands with your CRO report. Get actionable insights about several marketing performance metrics and how Justuno can improve performance.

This beginner’s guide to conversion rate optimization discusses the four areas to focus on and how to create a strategy for success. Use this alongside the CRO analyzer for a blueprint to conversion rate optimization.

The 2020 marketing campaign planning template is a great resource for keeping all your marketing campaigns organized in one place. Coordinate off site advertisements with onsite campaigns throughout the year for ultimate marketing success.

Check out the four resources above so you can get 2020 started off on the right foot and keep your marketing efforts organized (and optimized) throughout the year!

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