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How Leaving Privy for Justuno Added $744K in Sales

Learn how ella+mila switched the Justuno from Privy and grew their average list growth to around 9,000 new subscribers every month.

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ella+mila is an eco-friendly beauty company that specializes in high quality products without toxic chemicals. They switched to Justuno from a competitor in late 2018 and saw phenomenal results. Attributing about $744,440 of their revenue to engaged promotions since switching to Justuno, ella+mila continue to increase conversions and turn even more website visitors into satisfied customers.


Conversion Rate on Mobile Abandoned Cart Offer


In Engaged Promotions

Before Justuno

Creating the best user experience is a top priority for the co-founders of ella+mila. To save time and gain expert insights quickly, the team at ella+mila rely on Justuno’s Professional Services to drive their on-site conversion strategy and execution.

First using a Justuno competitor, ella+mila was losing a lot of valuable time with their ‘managed services’ solution. Despite being ‘managed’, the team was still responsible for strategy, campaign suggestions, and often even providing the creative content.

After switching to Justuno and working with the Managed Services team, the co-founders had quite the opposite experience: “It saves time and makes it really easy to launch new marketing campaigns.”

Narineh Bedrossian Headshot
“It’s literally jumping on a call or an email and saying ‘this is what we need’ and it gets done. It doesn’t get any simpler. That’s a huge value add.”

Ara Bedrossian, Co-founder & CTO, ella+mila

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Advanced Targeting Rules to Mirror Offsite Messaging

Building their email list is a top priority for ella+mila and since switching to Justuno has been one of the most successful avenues for the business. Leveraging Justuno’s direct integration with their email service provider Klaviyo, ella+mila now average around 9,000 new email captures per month — all of which can go straight into their nurturing email cadences.

When it comes to advanced audience segmentation, ella+mila knows the importance of delivering targeted messaging and has seen immediate results: “I think the flexibility, advanced customization, and segmentation Justuno has is really great. As far as being able to target traffic, it really goes very granular.”

One of the most important strategies ella+mila has implemented is mirroring their offsite promotional messaging onto their website using pop-ups. ella+mila now displays the same messaging and coupon codes found in their email campaigns, Facebook ads and other marketing channels by triggering pop-ups using campaign specific UTM parameters.

ella+mila Image 2

Pro tip: Use advanced targeting rules to exclude showing offers to
visitors who already signed up or engaged with the promotion.

Impactful Cart Abandonment Offers

In addition to their email capture success, ella+mila has seen drastic improvement with abandoned cart conversion rates on both desktop and mobile.

Now, when a visitor shows intent to exit the ella+mila website, they’re shown an unlocked discount that encourages them o purchase same-session. The desktop offer converts a 50% and the mobile version at over 55%!

Driving Store Traffic with Geo-Targeting

On top of ella+mila’s cart abandonment strategy, they also use geo-targeting rules to push visitors intending to exit to the nearest brick-and-mortar location to complete the purchase. Since February 2019, ella+mila is sold in all Target locations in the United States. This means that if the shipping time is a barrier, then many potential customers can still obtain their products same-day. This is a great example of how a brand can use website marketing to drive in-store traffic.

Integrations with Shopify Plus, Octane AI &

ella+mila drive their consistent growth with the help of their ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus. When the team decided to switch from the Justuno competitor, integrating their Shopify Plus store with Justuno was as straightforward as can be. “It was not a hurdle. I set it up myself.”

After ella+mila recreated their foundation campaigns in the Justuno platform, they immediately saw a multiple-percent lift from their promotions. Their basic email capture pop-up also utilize Justuno’s integration with the Facebook Messenger platform, Octane AI. Currently, the ella+mila team is killing two birds with one stone thanks to this helpful integration — collecting emails AND Facebook Messenger permission with Justuno’s website pop-ups.

Incremental Changes for Big Lifts

Since making the switch to Justuno, ella+mila have increased conversion rates, average order values (AOV), and saved so much valuable time. According to the team, these incremental changes have compounded nicely into a big lift.

“Even incremental changes, at the end of the day, when you combine them together, they really show a big lift which is great.”

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