Switching to Justuno adds $750k in sales.

Beauty + Shopify

Learn how ella+mila made the switch to Justuno and earned nearly $750K from their on-site promotions since late 2018.
ella+mila case study
ella+mila’s mobile abandoned cart conversion rate
ella+mila case study

Inside you'll find...

Learn how ella+mila switched the Justuno from Privy and grew their average list growth to around 9,000 new subscribers every month.

In this case study you’ll learn how the Justuno team worked with Octane AI and Smile.io to grow ella+mila subscriber base with:

  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Coupon continuity
  • Impactful abandoned cart offers

About ella+mila

ella+mila is an eco-friendly beauty company that cerates high-quality products without toxic chemicals. ella+mila is dedicated to healthy beauty and bright colors, they started with nail polish and expanded their product collection to include lipsticks soon after.




Ella+Mila Promotion Mockups

“It’s literally jumping on a call or an email and saying ‘this is what we need’ and it gets done. It doesn’t get any simpler. That’s a huge value add.” 

Ara Bedrossian
Co-founder & CTO

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Download the ella+mila Case Study

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[hubspot type=form portal=289858 id=b3d2164c-b623-4ee5-9528-201207f7bee8]