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Snow Monkey

5X List Growth with Paid Media and Onsite Optimization

Learn how Snow Monkey, a vegan ice cream retailer, used a geo-targeted email campaign to maximize revenue from paid ads with UTM parameters.

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Snow Monkey, a vegan ice cream retailer, utilized zip codes to create a fully-integrated, geo-targeted email and promotion campaign in a scalable way.

With help from their marketing agency, Hawke Media, Snow Monkey seamlessly pulled together a performance-focused campaign using a variety of e-commerce apps.


Emails via Facebook Ads





“Justuno’s team has been a breath of fresh air to the Hawke agency for the past three years. Not only is Justuno’s product extremely relevant, but it’s constantly evolving and their customer support is unmatched. They don’t just solve problems, they also listen to our feedback to improve the product.”

Marissa Jimenez, Director of Email Marketing, Hawke Media

Paid Media

Why Paid Media?

Hawke Media has a policy to never send cold emails. In order to reach their goal of driving qualified traffic to Snow Monkey’s site, Hawke Media used paid media to quickly spur new visitors.

Paid media is a great way to target segmented audiences who are most likely to be engaged and loyal. By defining ideal demographics, Hawke Media was able to concentrate their agency resources on pushing visitors that would drive the strongest results.

Paid Media

Facebook & Instagram

With Snow Monkey’s tempting product photography and bright, colorful brand aesthetic, the visual aspect of Facebook and Instagram made them naturally high-converting channels.

By choosing social channels that best utilized Snow Monkey’s strengths, Hawke Media was able to create high performing brand content.


Emails Collected


Engagement Rate


Engaged Conversion Rate

On-Site Promotions

Pop-Up Strategy

Hawke Media created several pop-up designs, including banners, mobile email opt-ins, and desktop opt-ins.

To bring Snow Monkey’s brand personality and character to life, Hawke Media concentrated on creative and fun designs.

On-Site Promotions

Zip Code Field

In order to build a geo-targeted list of qualified subscribers for personalized messaging, Hawke Media needed to collect customer’s zip codes.

However, asking visitors to fill out another field and input more personal information had the potential to negatively affect submission rates.

By using A/B testing to first research this ask, Hawke Media bypassed a negative impact by reinforcing the ask for zip code data with explanatory messaging.


Open Rate


Click Through Rate


CTR Increase

Email Marketing

Hyper Personalization

In order to capitalize on the zip codes collected from Snow Monkey’s onsite pop-ups, Hawke Media crafted specific messaging into their email templates.

With the use of geo-targeting rules in Klaviyo, Hawke Media segmented their lists and modified each template for a hyper-personalized email that encouraged in-store purchases.

This added a personal touch to every email and ultimately helped to increase conversion rates from email.

Email Marketing

Tie It All Together

These emails were the endgame for Hawke Media’s efforts.

Without the paid media to drive customers to the site and boost brand awareness or the pop-ups collecting high quality info, these emails would not have been possible.

Hawke Media showed exactly what a dialed-in marketing campaign looks like from the top of the funnel to closing a scale.

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