Dynamic Duo: 2 E-Commerce Pop-Ups Every Retailer Should Use

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Email Capture pop up

I work with online retailers on an everyday basis and the number one question I receive is:

What should I do to improve my conversion rates? 

While there are many different things you can do in the realm of conversion rate optimization, I like to keep things simple and stick to practices that get quick and impactful results.

Below, I’ve outlined the two e-commerce promotions that I recommend on a daily basis to successful online retailers. These tactics are specifically designed to convert a higher percentage of website traffic and drive more sales. Without further ado, here’s the dynamic duo!

Email capture form

Laptops with Justuno crafted promotions.

This one’s a given. Jump over to your favorite retail website right now and I guarantee you they’re using some sort of email capture form. Email list growth is essential to long term e-commerce success. Whether it’s asking to subscribe to an email newsletter for X% off your first purchase or a contest to win a free item, email leads are incredibly valuable.

Not only do email leads convert 4x higher than any other lead, but they’re very important for future re-targeting purposes. Unable to convert the sale while they’re on your website? Don’t fret! If you obtained their email, you can hit them in the future through holiday promotions and other email workflows. Maximize the number of impressions of your email capture form by having it visible to all new visitors when they land on your website.

Exit intent or cart abandonment offer

Laptop with Justuno designed promotion.

This next one is centered around sales conversions, namely when a visitor attempts to leave the cart page. If a website visitor has made it all the way to your cart page, you’ve already won half the battle. But there are still factors preventing them from pulling the trigger.

The modern-day shopper is very savvy, and they’ll likely attempt to shop another competitor or look through third-party coupon sites in search of a better deal. A lot can also happen in that time frame. Maybe they found a better deal or became distracted by an email. Anyone of these scenarios can kill the sale and lead to cart abandonment. 

A great way to prevent this is by triggering an exit offer on your cart page (Cart Abandonment Offer). Flashing your visitor a coupon code when they attempt to leave will not only incentivize visitors to stay on your site but to move forward with the purchase. This one tactic increased KUTOA’s sales conversion rate by 187%! This offer is meant as a last resort – so if they use the coupon, that’s awesome! If not, they were on their way out anyway.

First and last impressions matter

The first landing page and last exiting page are two of the most defining areas on your website. They’re also the most common pitfall areas where an incentive would serve to be highly effective. With our email capture forms and exit offers, you’ll be fully equipped to handle that.

Want to implement the dynamic duo of e-commerce promotions? Justuno has you covered. It only takes two minutes to build a pop-up in our design canvas so you can start converting your visitors for free today!

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