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In an increasingly competitive landscape, reaching customers with the right message before your competitors is critical. That’s why we added Push Notifications to our platform — a flexible alternative to traditional emails. Push Notifications, also known as browser notifications, are an instant message sent directly to subscribers desktop or mobile device that allow you to interact with your audience even when they’re off your site.


These are an ideal format for time-sensitive messages such as flash sales, events, or back-in-stock notifications. Push notifications put you at the center of attention, rather than just another email in a clogged inbox.

Push notifications also offer an added benefit of a form of self-segmentation. It’s a bigger commitment to opt-in to these than simply entering your email, which signals a desire to routinely engage with your company. Like pop-ups, Push Notifications are a great tool when done well, but can quickly become annoying if they aren’t well thought out and provide real value.

Justuno Push Notifications use pop-ups as a visually appealing way to drive higher opt-in rates and create brand continuity amongst your on-site messaging. These notifications work like our standard email opt-in pop-ups, using advanced segmentation and targeting rules to control their distribution.


For example, let’s consider Teams USA, an online sportswear and merchandise retailer carrying branded team merchandise for all major sports teams. Teams USA wanted a way to communicate with their most valuable and loyal customers that was faster than email, so they turned to Push Notifications.

This new communications channel meant they could instantly push flash sales, final game scores, and more directly to their subscribers. Teams USA wanted to create a means to give their most engaged customers the valuable content they wanted, in a way that made sense for their industry.

Push Notifications are great for businesses who run sales based on outcomes, have customers who are highly invested and engaged with merchandise, and purchase frequently enough to justify instant notifications.


Learn how to set-up push notifications like Teams USA did and implement a similar campaign on your site.

  1. Start by creating a new or editing an existing pop-up. Then add a push notification CTA layer onto it. Add whatever branding or design elements you want to it. This is the CTA that visitors will click to opt-in to receiving push notifications. In the “Other Options” drop down in the layer options you can select a specific list to send opt-ins to. Save your promotion, add targeting rules, and publish. Next, click on the Notifications Icon at the top left of the page then click on the Notifications tab to create a new Push Notification. You can also go to the Automatic tab to edit your Welcome Message.
  2. Click +New Notification to start a new notification or “Edit & Preview” the existing Welcome Message. Here you can edit your notifications images, copy, and links. When adding links make sure to include “http://” or “https://”
  3. Add your icon and decide what lists will be associated with your push notifications. You can create lists for specific types of messages like sales, game results, or product releases. Save and publish your design.
  4. Your selections will include how your message is presented, who it’s sent to, when, and how often they’ll receive notifications. There is a section for automatic notifications that you can have set up more generic scenarios like abandoned carts or out of stock messages.
  5. Following the release of a push notification you can review the analytics behind your push and see your send, click-through, and bounce rates in the Past Notifications section on the Notifications tab.

That’s all it takes to get Push Notifications up and running on your site! Want more notification inspiration? Here’s a blog giving more examples of best practices and uses.

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