How to Use Personalized Content and Behavioral Targeting For Improved Conversion Rates

Justuno’s new personalization features allow businesses to engage visitors with unique content. Welcome visitors by first name, display items in their shopping cart, and more right within an overlay!

There’s no dispute that personalized content yields better results when it comes to online advertising & marketing. Personalization is a huge trend among e-commerce businesses for 2016 and is a must for improving website experience and sales conversions. In a study by Econsultancy, 94% of businesses stated that personalization is critical to current and future success.

However, implementing personalization hasn’t been as easy as it sounds. More than half of online businesses stated that their website experience was not personalized. This is due to a few factors including lack of access to capable technologies and not knowing how to personalize the shopping experience. This can seem intimidating at first with regard to implementation on your own site. But not to worry, Justuno now has the tools to help you start personalizing your site experience today!

A Breakthrough in Personalization

Things have changed with the addition of new features from Justuno. The conversion rate optimization platform has provided businesses with effective solutions to engage website visitors and drive conversions. With Justuno’s new personalization engine, businesses will now be able to present visitors with personalized content based on specific behaviors.

example personalized adsWhether it’s about greeting your returning customers by name or showing them the items they browsed or added to their cart, you can present relevant information to specific individuals in order to drive the desired actions.

Why Personalize your Promotions?

If you haven’t hopped on the personalization train then let me help you get on board. Here are a few benefits to using personalization on your website:

1. Personalized Promotions are Relevant and Useful

Wouldn’t you like to be presented with content and products that are relevant to your interests? So do most online consumers. In a study by JanRain and Harris Interactive, 74% of online consumers become frustrated with websites when offers and promotions have nothing to do with their interests. By providing content that is applicable to the individual, you are much more likely to drive desired actions and create a delightful website experience.

2. Personalization Retains Customers

Consumers no longer have the time or the attention span to search for what they are looking for which puts an expectation on marketers to deliver relevant content. This means that people are going to go to websites that have provided them with a seamless and easy experience. Provide a benefit to first-time visitors and reward return visitors with specific offers on what they’re interested in.

3. Personalization Can Increase Conversions

While on-site personalization is in its early stages, there is still plenty of evidence to support its benefit. According to Monetate, in-house marketers using personalized web experiences that were able to quantify improvements saw an average 19% uplift in sales. It also just makes sense. Present targeted offers and promotions to specific individuals and they are much more likely to convert. By providing them with relevant offers and a targeted site experience you are reducing their barriers to finding what they’re looking for. The fewer barriers to visitors encounter means the more likely they are to complete the purchase process.

Wrap Up

Get started using this personalization feature today on Justuno’s conversion suite. Better sales and bigger email lists are just a few clicks away!

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