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Geo-Targeting & Geo-Fencing Marketing

Precision personalization where it counts

Add a touch of home to every visitor’s experience. Capitalize on local marketing efforts and reinforce local loyalty by delivering unified geo-targeted messages across marketing channels.

Seize the world one shopper at a time.

Precise Targeting

Create unique messaging and offers based on a geo-fenced area as broad as a country or as granular as a zip code.

Branded Designs

Display seasonal and timely designs to appeal to your visitor’s current mindsets. Start with a template or design your own.

Audience Segmentation

Collect location-based information and segment your audience into geo-fenced groups for more persuasive campaigns.

Build One-on-One Conversations

Geo-fencing uses advanced-targeting rules that target a visitor’s location so that you can serve a unique site experience. With geo-fencing marketing, you can deliver a highly-personalized customer journey and foster one-to-one relationships with geographic relevance. Use location data to amplify local marketing messages in a way that resonates with consumers on a deeper level and provide applicable site messaging that appeals to the visitor’s immediate environment.

Where the locals go.

Let consumers know when your company will have events in their area to generate engagement and foster brand loyalty. Store launches, meetups, and other offline efforts are a great way to interact with your target audience and build a brand beyond the screen.

50% of consumers planned to buy online and pick up in-store during the 2018 holiday season, according to the NRF.

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Omni-Channel Messaging

From Facebook Messenger and SMS updates to pop-ups and push notifications — deliver targeted messaging with a consistent and unified brand voice to create one-to-one relationships with every visitor on your site.

Mobile-Specific Promotions

Create mobile-first promotions and leverage unobtrusive messaging to harness the power of the mobile generation and drive conversions.

Advanced Behavioral Targeting

Laser-focused targeting rules make it easy to segment your audience by behavioral patterns and serve every visitor personalized messaging.

Audience Segmentation

Intelligent audience segmentation helps you divide your visitors into sub-groups to deliver personal, relevant messaging that drives sales.

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