In the realm of on-site marketing, the website notification bar is often overlooked. Although many digital marketers are using bars and banners on their websites, the fact is, they could be doing more to engage their current website traffic.

Whether you’re currently using a website notification bar on your site or haven’t gotten around to adding one just yet, this blog post is for you. In this post, we’ll cover 10 different use cases of a notification bar that can help increase visitor engagement, improve website messaging, and optimize for conversions.

I’ve also included some resources to help you implement these use cases on your site using the banner bar, the most versatile notification bar available!

1. Share a site-wide message

Golf Now Banner

The beauty of the notification bar, or Banner is the ability to display a message throughout the website experience. This increases exposure and is going to improve communication with your visitors.

Sharing a site wide message is one of the common use cases we see with a Banner. This marketing tactic is perfect for displaying general information about a sale, an upcoming event, a new product or collection, or a simple welcome message.

Save this application of a banner for messages that you want to display throughout the majority of your site. This information is not incredibly important but can add value to the visitor’s experience.

We can see through the example above that this banner flows naturally with the website and subtly introduces the target information.

2. Display shipping information

Spinning Shipping Banner

One of the most important factors for consumers is shipping cost and delivery time. One surefire way to answer shopper questions and meet shopper needs is to be very upfront about shipping information.

Use a notification bar to display details like free shipping qualifications, shipping cost, delivery time, other shipping options, and so on. By making this information available to your shoppers, you can eliminate doubts and establish trust which is only going to make the path to conversion more seamless.

This communication is increasingly important as we enter Q4 which includes holidays like Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Shoppers are going to want free shipping and information on delivery times because we are dealing with time-sensitive holidays.

3. Create urgency with a countdown timer banner

The countdown timer is an amazingly powerful tool for your Unobar and can be used in a few different ways to create urgency. By providing your visitors with a clear cut time frame to complete an action, you provide extra motivation to convert.

Session Based

Present your visitors with an offer that’s only available for a short period of time. The countdown timer will start when their session on your site begins which provides a much more focused urgency tactic. Below is an example of how Rover uses a countdown timer banner to engage their mobile traffic.

Countdown Timer Banner
Email Capture
Remaining Time in Sale

If you’re currently running a sale, then use a countdown timer banner to show visitors how much time is left in the sale. This gives them a time frame in which they must convert in order to capitalize on discounted items.

Countdown to a Sale

Have an upcoming promotion or sale on your calendar? Use a countdown timer banner to build anticipation for the event. You can also include messaging like “Get a Sale Notification” and present visitors with an email opt-in, giving you some extra firepower for your email campaigns!

Post Engagement “Courtesy Bar”

Another great way to create urgency is with a courtesy notification bar which displays the coupon code that was previously unlocked via a pop-up promotion. For example, a shopper submits their email in a pop-up to receive a coupon code. The courtesy bar presses urgency by keeping the coupon code in front of the shopper throughout their experience. You can add a countdown timer to the courtesy bar to further create urgency. 

Here’s how to setup a courtesy bar in Justuno

4. Capture emails

Email Capture Banner

Another very common use of a site banner is for email capture. While this is a great way to ensure that your email opt-in is available throughout your website, opt-in rates are much lower for banners when compared to email pop-ups. If email pop-ups are not in your onsite marketing strategy, a banner is a great way to get some extra email signups.

5. Offer promo codes

Promo Code Banner

Conversion rate optimization in e-commerce largely has to do with fulfilling your shopper’s needs. Promo codes provide tangible value to your shoppers and can be the difference between a new customer and an abandoning visitor.

Using a banner, you can either provide a promo code to a visitor after an action (email opt-in or social follow), or simply display the promo code which can then be copied and used in checkout.

6. Boost cart value with threshold & upsell offers

With the versatility of the banner, you can display personalized messaging based shopping activity, cart value, and more. The two most applicable use cases are free shipping thresholds and product upsells/cross-sells.

Free Shipping Threshold

Display the exact dollar amount needed for a shopper to qualify for free shipping. This dynamically updates based on current cart value providing automated, 1:1 communication with a sales focus. With this messaging, you can prompt your shoppers to continue to browse items and use the incentive of free shipping to increase average order value!

Product Upsells and Cross-sells

If you want to get really crafty with your banner, you can incorporate upsells and cross-sells within your marketing. When a shopper adds a specific item to their cart, you can display a banner (also works with Justuno pop-ups) prompting the shopper to add a related item to their cart. This also can help increase order value and improve the shopping experience with relevant recommendations. 

7. Convert mobile shoppers to email subscribers (Google friendly)

With mobile traffic on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly important to have an email capture strategy specifically catered to mobile visitors. With Google’s mobile policies and the mobile browsing experience, it’s best to use a platform you can trust.

At Justuno, we’ve heavily researched the mobile experience and the mobile banner provides the perfect solution for mobile email capture while remaining compliant with Google’s policies.

mobile banner

8. CTA Banners for improved navigation

Sometimes it makes sense to include a call-to-action within a website message. Providing this next step for visitors can help improve navigation and drive traffic to relevant landing pages. If you have a landing page that you know converts at a high percentage, it may make sense to drive traffic to that page using a CTA Banner.

Add a CTA button to a banner to provide a relevant destination for your visitors. Here are some great examples from MindBodyGreen.

CTA banner
CTA Banner 2

9. Promote social pages and gain followers

If your business relies heavily on social channels, using an Unobar to increase exposure of your profiles could be an excellent use. You can add a CTA button, social follow buttons, and social share buttons to your banner and encourage visitors to check out what’s happening on social!

10. Match offsite and on-site messaging

One of the biggest missed opportunities for digital marketers to improve their website experience is mirroring off-site campaigns with on-site campaigns. For example, when a visitor clicks through from an email, there should be a reinforcement of that email through an on-site campaign, like a banner. If the email contains a coupon code, display the coupon code in a banner on-site.

Use this strategy to engage email traffic, social traffic, and advertising traffic. Consider your goal with the traffic source and what sort of message is going to help reach that goal. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to target specific traffic sources with a banner. 

Add a banner today!

There you have it, 10 use cases that you can implement on your site using a banner. These are one of many types of promotions you can create in the Justuno design canvas. Start your free trial today, build a pop-up in two minutes with our advanced design canvas to see where your on-site messaging can take you.