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This series is inspired by our partner, Rejoiner’s, #pushingemailfwd campaign, if you’re interested in their posts check them out here.

At Justuno we’re human beings too. (shocking I know) As such, we have online brands we enjoy and want to see perform well. We go through the process of liking their ads, recommending their products to all of our friends, you know, the whole nine yards. Taking that brand loyalty a step further, and also leveraging inspiration from Rejoiner’s Allbird’s post– we’re going to examine the on-site experience of one our favorite brands – RXBAR.


The part of RXBar’s goal that really sets them apart (for us and consumers) is the tagline that RXBAR prints on all of their labels. “No B.S.” Their mission (and they’re very clear about it) is to provide a protein bar that has clean ingredients and is completely transparent about what’s inside the box.

This mentality especially resonates with the CrossFit community, something that RXBAR has celebrated through their media. Those who practice the paleo diet are confident that when they purchase the product, the macros and the ingredients are exactly what is promised on the label.

The Justuno San Francisco office enjoys eating RXBARs in the morning and especially as 3 PM rolls around for a little energy boost to power through that natural circadian rhythm crash. This protein bar helps us through our day, so we agreed to give back.

Prescribed promotional campaigns for RXBar

The proposed strategy will revolve around promotional marketing elements to leverage the success seen through other online retailers in the same vertical (Conversion Rate increase from 2.9% to 4.17%).

Instead of giving batch and blast advice, segmenting the data out for a certain niche will help online retailers have clear, actionable takeaways that work for their business.

So, our team examined this industry data and the RXBar site to create 3 Justuno promotions for e-commerce to build leads and create sales. Bringing in the brand’s story and its mission behind the product into promotions should always be a primary focus. Let’s examine them.

Dynamic cart value offer

One thing that we recommend to online retailers is to utilize Free Shipping to work for your business (everyone’s site is different!). Currently, RXBar’s free shipping price threshold is great, at $40. This works great for pushing a higher AOV (Average Order Value) but if the visitor/ purchaser is not viewing the top portion of the site, the amount to acquire free shipping is not visible. What’s a great way to reinforce the benefit of free shipping after reaching a certain order value? Dynamically pulling in the cart total into your on-site messaging.

Dynamic Cart Value Targeted Offer

  1. Pull value from Cart as the visitor adds and removes products
  2. Reflect the ‘amount remaining’ until free shipping is unlocked by way of a website banner or message bar
  3. Drive visitor to an immediate purchase by showing a ‘Checkout Now’ CTA as soon as the threshold is reached.

One huge recommendation we have for clients who have a very specific AOV threshold that works for them and their e-commerce goals is to incorporate this tactic into your messaging bar. the shopper will be able to watch their cart value change in real-time, up until the point that free shipping is unlocked. At this time, the shopper is presented with the message ‘You’ve unlocked Free Shipping!’ and presented with a CTA that instantly takes the user to the checkout page.

Shipping Threshold Offer RXBar

This banner will dynamically pull in the cart-value of the shopper to constantly remind them of the dollar amount remaining to unlock free shipping.

Contest promotion

For those shoppers that are more susceptible to e-mail marketing, or need more time to decide, utilizing a modal or fullscreen takeover to run a contest can help facilitate a sale in the long run. Offering an on-site visitor a chance to win a ‘free sampler pack’ has the immediate benefit of acquiring an email from a visitor, but in the long run, an avenue for a semi-interested signup to turn into a repeat buyer by way of email lifecycle marketing.

Contest Promotion Targeting

  1. Shown to visitors who are on the initial page load for longer than 8 seconds
  2. Utilizes sampler pack photos to show visitors exactly what they have a chance at winning.
  3. Three-Step promotions have a higher chance of engagement due to the ‘mini-engagement’ of a yes/no at the beginning of the opt-in process.
  4. Large, compelling CTA to drive the customer to purchase

Running a contest to give away products has a slew of benefits for your business and brand that should be taken advantage of. Contests can aid profits by converting a hesitant buyer into a repeat purchaser, growing your email list, and promoting brand awareness. Popular brands will often leverage influencer marketing as well as promotional marketing to drive huge increases in traffic to their online stores.

What makes contest promotions such powerful tools for email list building is the incentivization of ‘winning’ and the excitement surrounding it. This gamification strategy encourages those interested in capturing a free product to trade in their email. This, in turn, enables email marketing, one of the highest ROI forms of digital marketing. This is a huge win for all businesses in the digital age. Being able to communicate to a customer once they leave your store in more ways than one offers repeat chances not only to win back a customer but to keep them consistently purchasing.

This RXBar themed contest promotion drives the visitor to provide their email in exchange for a chance to receive a free sampler pack of RXBar.

Cart abandonment promotion

When a shopper is browsing a site for the first time, the average conversion rate is 2-3% of all website visitors, due to a high bounce rate and short attention spans. This is why the prevalence of retargeting ads and email lifecycle campaigns are a huge focus for digital marketers today. In addition to funneling money into offsite marketing, stopping a consumer from leaving your site increases the chance for an instant conversion by driving the visitor to take a specific action. Enter Cart Abandonment promotions.

RXBar Cart Abandoner

  • Fires when a visitor has more than $40 of product in their cart and tries to leave the site. (Free Shipping Threshold)


  • Fire when a visitor is viewing the new Gingerbread RXBar and is leaving the site with the Gingerbread box in their cart.
RXBar Mobile
Mobile RXBar Cart Abandoner Promotion

Understanding that a buyer’s journey will not always result in a purchase at the first point of contact is key to forming a cohesive onsite and offsite strategy. This type of promotion can net huge increases in ROI on a potentially lost sale in conjunction with other tactics like email lifecycle marketing and retargeting ads.

RXBar Promotion

Targeting a specific seasonal product (like the Gingerbread flavor) can help to reduce the possibility of slow-moving inventory in the future and make way for future seasonal sales. Digital marketing isn’t a one front fight, you should allow your consumer to take the buyer journey that works for them and ultimately results in a sale.

Targeting mobile traffic

RXBar already has a well-designed promotion on desktop, but in terms of being responsive on mobile, it falls slightly short. So, we took the liberty of creating an SEO compliant mobile promotion! This promotion is an unobtrusive website banner that will live at the bottom of the phone screen to provide a great user experience and promotion to acquire a lead.

Showing up as high as possible on SERP’s is critical for online retailers who are targeting the largest audience interested audience possible, and avoiding penalties by Google should be paramount. Offering and incentivizing mobile visitors to invest into the brand by providing their email through a mobile pop-up creates more opportunities for conversion at multiple stages in the buyer’s journey. The previous Cyber 5 was marked as the first holiday shopping season that had mobile purchases increase o0ver desktop. Leveraging the more popular shopping device should be high on the list!

Mobile RXBar Pop-up

RXBar’s brand story and powerful copy are what drew us to the brand in the first place, and keeping that consistency is key (they nail it). As always, online retailers need to learn from others that do it right and RXBar is hitting the nail on the head. Supplementing their marketing efforts with on-site strategy is sure to open many more opportunities for on-site and off-site conversions. No B.S.

Thanks to our team for creating these promotions as well as RXBar for being a great brand that we can’t get enough of! Want to try Justuno out for yourself? Start a free 14-day trial today and get started on your CRO journey.

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