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Justuno is the premium on-site promotion suite for retailers looking to drive more ROI from their marketing efforts. We help you build high-converting site experiences that enhance offsite campaigns and their effectiveness.

Justuno Plus is a comprehensive solution for managing the complexities of a growing online business. Combining the power of artificial intelligence and automation with the expertise of a dedicated account strategist, growth has never been easier.

These Customers Chose Justuno Plus

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On average, Justuno clients see over 135% lift in online revenue in the first year.


See how Snow Monkey
grew their email list by 500% with Justuno.


Join thousands of industry leading brands leveraging Justuno.

Justuno Plus: What’s Included

1. Unlimited Monthly Visitors —  

Justuno Plus gives you the tools to expand on a plan designed for growth. Never worry about upgrading, plan tiers, or seasonal surges again.

2. Exclusive AI Access —  

Receive access to AI-powered product recommendations designed to boost AOV, intelligently optimize personalized messaging, uncover opportunities, and reveal a deeper understanding of your audience.

3. Audience Sync —  

Automatically sync your Justuno audiences with Facebook and Google ad managers to create customer match and custom audiences for paid media campaigns improving targeting, prospecting, and overall 

conversion rates.

4. Dedicated CRO Strategist —  

Gain access to a dedicated conversion strategist who combines analytics and fresh strategy with technical expertise for a complete support system for your marketing efforts.

5. Push Notifications —  

Collect subscribers for push notifications to reach consumers when they aren’t on your site, directly on their desktop for 1:1 engagement and personalization.

6. Exclusive Templates —  

200+ professionally designed promotions for all major sales holidays and beyond. Easy to use and live in just minutes, these templates give your marketing flexibility and convenience.