Reporting & Dashboards Built For Growth

Justuno’s reporting tool allows you to track metrics, compare performance, analyze campaigns, and more through dashboards you can share and customize. Visualize data for all your website campaigns to find areas of opportunity and a deep understanding of your customers

Your Data, Your Way

Choose how you want to display your reports with default and custom dashboards that allow you to review all your KPIs in one place. Find areas of opportunity and uncover trends to help maximize campaign performance and continuously optimize your website experience. 

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Smart Dashboards That Do The Work For You

Within the experiences section, you can break down performance by the workflow, individual design, or A/B test. These dashboards automatically show results based on the goal and contents of that workflow. This keeps you focused on the relevant data you need without distractions. You’ll find reporting on: 

  • Revenue
  • Overall growth
  • Campaign goal
  • Device type
  • Traffic source
  • Individual properties 
  • A/B or multivariate tests
  • And more

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More Than Just The Numbers

Export and share dashboards with key stakeholders for reporting purposes and transparency. Justuno’s reporting makes it easier to get the answers you need to grow your business.

Want to see how you measure up? Chat with our team about industry benchmarks and proven strategies for every industry. 

Got one metric that just won’t improve? Our team can help you figure it out. We’ve got the data and the expertise to get your business where you want it to be. 

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“It can target visitors in so many different ways, it will make your head spin. There’s a seemingly infinite number of different engagement strategies.”

— Capterra User

Enterprise Hub

For those on our Enterprise plan, making data-driven decisions has never been easier. Our Enterprise Hub gives you a holistic view of account and template performance so you can stay on top of key metrics no matter how many domains you’re managing.

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