Optimize Your Website With Powerful A/B & Multivariate Testing

Every website has a winning combination–so find yours! Use A/B & multivariate testing to compare several elements at once and find the most effective variations, then automatically apply the winner.

Unlimited Potential

Multivariate testing opens up the doors to efficient experimentation which is the cornerstone of effective marketing. With Justuno’s multivariate testing, you’ll be able to compare up to ten variations of multiple site elements allowing you to fully optimize every step within the onsite journey.

Push these insights throughout your tech stack with our integrations or use it only on your website for the ultimate brand experience.

  • Copy
  • Shape
  • Placement
  • Color
  • Triggers
  • Imagery
  • And so much more

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Understanding Your Audience

With every test collect more behavioral data and a deeper understanding of your website visitors. Push this first-party data throughout your martech stack to apply these learnings to every marketing channel for more effective messaging from the start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multivariate testing uses the same basic elements of A/B testing but tests multiple elements at once. A/B testing compares individual pieces of your pop-ups while multivariate compares multiple variables at once for the optimal combination.

You should run tests based on what areas of your website experience you’re trying to optimize but a few examples of tests we see customers routinely perform are: various screen placements, imagery, copy, styles, and behavioral triggers. Our team can help you set up the right tests to meet your goals.

To simplify your tech stack! No need to add another tool to your stack when Justuno can help you test all your website messaging to find the ultimate experience. If you’re thinking of making big marketing or brand changes—test them on a small scale with your pop-ups to see if you’re on the right track.

Justuno will provide you with a post-test report of the results and the winning combination will automatically continue running after the test concludes. You can always review the results with our team as well to gain deeper insights and suggestions for future optimization.