A Hub Built For Your Enterprise

Configure your Justuno account to fit your needs. Unlock the power of Justuno’s conversion automation platform with a dashboard designed for efficiency and large-scale organizations.

Manage Your Team 

Team management is a necessity for scaling businesses. With your team dashboard, quickly manage team member profiles in one place for quick access and easy management of roles/permissions.

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Keep An Eye On Performance

Making data-driven decisions has never been easier. The enterprise hub gives you a birds-eye view of account and template performance so you can stay on top of your key metrics.

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Harness The Power

Justuno takes the effort out of managing your marketing technology and gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

  1. Collaborators: Quickly add third-party users for access when using freelancers or consultants.
  2. Team Roles: Manage individual member profiles’ access to levels with options to read, create, update, publish, or delete. Plus, create custom roles with enhanced privacy controls.
  3. Billing Options: Save multiple payment methods for maximum flexibility to pay how you want and keep expenses organized.
  4. Privacy Control: Keep sensitive information hidden with restricted access to specific data like visitor profiles and billing.
  5. Profile Activity: Track user activity within your account with version history and time stamps for trackable edit history.
  6. Available exclusively on Justuno’s Enterprise Plan.

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Multi-Domain Management

Managing multiple websites? No problem. Use a single Justuno account and toggle between domains for ultimate flexibility. Consolidated cross-domain reporting makes management a breeze.

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