Exit Offers That Retain Traffic & Drive Revenue

Reduce bounce rates and browse abandonment with more relevant exit offers. Justuno’s powerful segmentation allows you to show different exit offers based on behavioral triggers, traffic sources, and more. Use one of our many pre-built templates to get started and choose the messaging that works for your audience including non-discount strategies like site navigation, product quizzes, and more. 

Reduce Barriers To Purchase

Cart abandonment is often caused by roadblocks like unexpected shipping costs, high order totals, and low-intent browsers. Effective exit offers can remove these barriers by engaging shoppers at just the right moment with an offer to solve their pain points. Run A/B tests to figure out where and why shoppers are abandoning their carts, from there you can create a targeted offer that’s sure to boost sales.

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Retain More Traffic

Retaining traffic and rescuing abandoned carts is easy with Justuno’s exit behavior detection and advanced targeting rules for win-back campaigns that convert more abandoning shoppers into customers. Re-engage visitors at just the right moment for maximum impact, turning abandoned carts into profitable sales.

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Targeted Win-Back Campaigns

Rescuing abandoned carts can be more than just an exit offer, you can create reminder pop-ups targeting those same shoppers when they return to your site. Let them know what they left behind, display your offer, and even recommend new products to them based on the content of the cart they left behind for maximum effectiveness.

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“Justuno offers a great amount of options to help increase sales and improve customer experience. We’ve set up A/B testing for our cart abandoner & exit offer—looking forward to exploring more opportunities! ”

Christina Manley, E-commerce & Marketing Coordinator, Beach Bunny Swim

Maximize ROI

Segment and optimize your most expensive acquisition campaigns with targeted offers to those who want to abandon their cart. These personalized exit offers give you the chance to win them over, making the difference between a missed opportunity and a sale for maximum ROI.

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Stop Letting Revenue Walk Away

  1. Capture Attention: Exit offers are most effective when they’re bold and eye-catching, that’s why Justuno provides dozens of pre-built templates with best practices in mind to help engage shoppers without distraction.
  2. Create FOMO: Use countdown timers in exit offers to push exiting visitors down the funnel with scarcity and the idea that their cart may not be waiting for them if they leave.
  3. Help Shoppers: Special discounts and incentives are a proven way to change customer behavior in your favor, providing value is key for successfully rescuing abandoned carts.

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