Get To Know Your Audience With Industry-Leading Quizzes & Surveys

Help your customers find the right product to suit their needs, collect crucial feedback, grow your email/SMS lists, and more using Justuno’s industry-leading quizzes and surveys.

Fully Customizable Quizzes For Every Goal

Design your quizzes to match your brand using a variety of question and design styles. Whether you want to do product recommendations, post-purchase attribution, NPS scores, etc. Justuno’s quiz builder can make it happen. If you need inspiration, there’s a library of designer pre-built templates to get you started in just minutes.

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Reduce Friction and Improve Personalization With Workflows

Justuno helps you build more than just a stand-alone quiz; plug them into your flow that powers the whole customer journey. Justuno’s powerful segmentation means starting with a quiz gives you the power to personalize every touchpoint afterward. From corresponding website experiences during the same session, at the next visit, or sync the data to the rest of your stack for off-site usage.

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Zero-Party Data Like Never Before

Custom properties allow you to ask any kind of question and then use the visitor’s answer for re-targeting later on. Create dynamic segments based on quiz responses to trigger personalized messages on every subsequent visit or drive same-session conversions.

  • Learn who they are…and what they need.
  • Hear their concerns...and what problems they need to solve.
  • Find out their preferences…what they are looking for.
  • Then collect their email or phone number & provide personalized product recommendations to guide their session.
  • And store every zero-party data point and insight in your MarTech stack for personalization end-to-end.

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An Essential Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Quizzes aren’t just for the top of the funnel—they can be used at different points throughout the customer journey for key messaging, like when someone goes to exit to help them find the right fit. For product research from your VIP segment. Or as a source of progressive data collection to fill out repeat customer profiles.

Justuno’s robust analytics dashboard gives you the ability to create custom views so you can analyze your data, your way. Review results by question, by visitor, or holistically for every possible insight.

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