Automate Personalized Website Experiences With Workflows

Justuno’s new workflow builder empowers you to build and deliver targeted onsite experiences with ease by leveraging automation and behavioral data to personalize at scale.

The Right Conditions Every Time

Determine the right set of conditions and triggers for each branch of your workflow. Use these to create context around automated actions and refine each step based on individual behavior for maximum impact.

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Optimize For Growth

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the easiest ways to drive more profit from your existing marketing campaigns and website traffic, but CRO is a continuous process that involves art as much as science. Enter: Conversion Automation.

Automation is the key to scaling your business while adapting to marketing technology’s complexities to help you create better online experiences without costing you more resources.

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Templates Spanning The Entire Customer Journey

Get started with workflows in just a few clicks with our extensive template library where you’ll find just the right flow for every goal or use case. With best practices already in place, these templates are ready to be branded and set live in minutes.

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Limitless Automation & Customization

Workflows can be triggered by behavior, content type, and more…the possibilities are nearly limitless. Just a few of our 60+ triggers

They HAVE NOT ever ENGAGED WITH FORM on any pop-upPrevent visitors who have opted in to email or SMS before from seeing lead captures.
(Session) Cart Total QTY IS GREATER THAN 0Fire a promotion based on cart contents, fire a cart abandoner as they go to leave or use it to save cart info to show a pop-up when they return.
They matched this targeting rule MORE THAN _ sessions agoLimit exposure by how many times a visitor has been to your site, ideal for those with a longer sales cycle with many sessions.
Has scrolled X percent down the pageTrigger pop-ups by how far a visitor has scrolled on the page, ideal for blogs, informational pages, and buying guides.
Matching element EXISTS:Target site specific information like if a visitor is logged in, loyalty program details, and more. This rule is limitless, if it exists onsite, you can target it.
They ARE located in X zip codeDrive foot traffic to your brick and mortar or notify visitors of a popup shop, also great for events.
(US only)
They HAVE NOT seen this pop-up this visitKeep pop-ups from firing multiple times during a single session, for example, if someone goes to leave twice, your exit offer will fire only once.
Their day of the week IS WEDNESDAYGreat for weekly offers or if you have a rotating discount schedule.
They HAVE NOT placed an order beforeUse this rule to be more aggressive with offers for visitors who have not made a purchase before to drive conversion.
(session) Items in cart with ITEM VARIANT IS EQUAL TO 123:Target pop-ups to visitors with specific items in their cart. Great for brands with complementary products to boost AOV or those with high cart abandonment rates on specific items to focus on reducing those sales.