Embedded Experiences & In-Page Personalization

Don’t want your pop-ups to pop up? We’ve got you covered. Use our embedded experiences or in-page designs to create dynamic personalization that appears native to your website without interrupting the visitor experience.

Efficient Customization For Every Campaign

Justuno allows you to build highly customizable designs directly into your pages. Quickly go live with dynamic content based on traffic source, user behavior, geo-location, and more. Then use workflows for an automatically segmented experience for your audiences. Improve efficiency while also improving the customer experience.

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Optimize Your Website Designs

Make sure your embedded designs are on point with A/B and multivariate testing tools to optimize website experience and page performance. Tweak elements like color, button copy, discounts/offers, creative, and more to create the ultimate website experience.

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An Essential Part of Your Marketing Strategy

In-page designs can be used for all types of strategies and business goals:

  1. Testing hero images
  2. Non-interruptive forms
  3. Discreet CTAs
  4. Product recommendations
  5. Embedded messages
  6. Footer options

And so much more!

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