Conversion Automation For Segmentation At Scale

Apply the success of email and SMS marketing automation to your website with Justuno’s workflow builder. Create highly targeted, personalized onsite experiences for a scalable 1:1 customer journey using conversion automation for unparalleled efficiency and success.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Consumers expect an experience that is personalized to their own needs and when done correctly can generate up to 40% more revenue for retailers.

Conversion automation helps you create a memorable website experience without using additional resources so you can close more business every day.

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Reach More Customer Segments With Less Effort

It’s not just about the first message a new visitor sees when they come to your website—the next one and the one after that are just as important.

No matter what audience segmentation strategy you use, conversion automation will help you build a stronger connection with visitors. Brands are narrowing their focus to the last mile of their marketing efforts—conversions and optimizing millions of daily visitor interactions require smart automation.

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Examples of Conversion Automation In Action

Improve Sales Conversions

Justuno will help you close more sales with targeted website messaging designed to convert with an average 135% increase in online revenue during year one, from identifying first-time buyers and reducing their time until purchase to re-targeting VIPs with exclusive perks. Push every visitor toward conversion with the right experience for where they are in their journey.

Email & SMS Marketing

Grow your list and encourage same-session conversions without sacrificing the visitor experience. Then feed data directly into your email/SMS platforms simultaneously for more personalized flows at the point of opt-in. Drive more out of every send by re-targeting these segments on your site with relevant content for a seamless, high-converting experience. Justuno has deep integrations with all the leading email/SMS platforms making it easier than ever to connect onsite behavior to inbox messaging.

Improve AOV

Our AI-powered product recommendation engine makes personalized onsite recommendations a breeze. Using behavioral data, previous purchase history, tags, and more, flows can be built to show everything from best sellers on the home page, related cross-sells on PDPs, complete-the-look carousels, or last-minute upgrades in-cart before checkout. Increase conversions and average order value (AOV) by predicting visitor needs and turning more visitors into satisfied customers.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Turn more abandoned carts into sales with automated recovery flows that target specific scenarios with high-performing messages designed to convert. You’ll also be able to proactively save sales before they reach the point of abandonment with Justuno’s advanced segmentation and data-driven insights.

Improve Retention

Grow CLV and improve long-term retention with conversion automation with flows based on previous behavior, order history, zero-party data, and more. Plus, target segments like loyalty program members (or non-members), product subscription holders (or those who are the ideal target audience), and so much more.